Veronica Montelongo is a popular American real estate businesswoman and media celeb. She became popular due to a television series involving the real estate business. Her work ethic and her way of selling houses were pretty unique. She played the television series alongside her longtime, now-former husband. They both were able to flip a good number of houses for a good amount of cash.

However, after a long relationship with her husband, she seems to have changed her life. She is seen taking a different route from her career and personality. Even though she is still doing well in business, is she doing the same in her personal life? If not, how do things drastically change? Let us learn everything about her through her biography!

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Quick Facts
Full NameVeronica Montelongo
Date of BirthUnknown
RelationshipMarried to John Morales
Net worth$ 4 Million
Height5 feet and 5 inches
Zodiac SignNot available
Children1 Son
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Veronica Montelongo
Veronica Montelongo in a red dress Via Instagram

At what age did Veronica Montelongo get engaged to John Morales?

There is little to no information about her birthdate and birthplace on the internet. Since she was not interested in sharing information about her private life, she has not shared any details about her hometown or birthdate.

From her physical appearance, It seems as if she is in her 40s and is from America itself. Due to a lack of information about her birthdate, we cannot point out at what age she got married to John Morales. Similarly, we also don’t have any information about John Morales. They seem to be the type of businessperson who likes to keep their life private.

Veronica Montelongo Engaged to John Morales – When Did They Marry?

When did Veronica Montelongo decide to remarry John Morales?

Veronica Montelongo and John Morales are now husband and wife. Both seem to be engaged for over seven years and married in 2017. After she divorced Armando, she chose John because of his business mindset of flipping houses.

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John focuses more on building houses and the construction business. At the same time, Veronica is more into flipping the houses she built into more profitable businesses. Both of them are working hard for their future as successful business persons.

Did Veronica Montelongo give birth to her new baby?

She didn’t have any children with Armando. Both couples were married for a long time but didn’t conceive any child. After she engaged with John, it is said that Veronica became pregnant with her son, John. Both of them have a son, and they seem to enjoy raising their son.

As of now, the son seems to be around the age of 4 years old. We assume this because she has not shared any details about her sons.

Veronica Montelongo
Veronica Montelongo with her husband and son Via Instagram

Why did Veronica Montelongo divorce her first husband?

She first married Armando Montelongo. Even though they have not shared any details about their marriage on the Internet. Veronica and Armando have both been in a relationship for a long time. The media showed them both in the A&E television show, Flip the House as a couple.

Who is Veronica Montelongo 2nd Husband? Learn More

How much does Veronica receive from her divorce from Flip, her house husband?

As for Veronica Montelongo, she seems to have earned around $147,500 from her divorce compensation. So even though she ended up divorcing her longtime husband. She ended up making quite a good amount of cash from herself. As of now, she is currently working as a real estate agent still flipping houses.

Armando Montelongo and Veronica Montelongo were the power couples in the A&E reality TV show Flip This House. They were responsible for reselling the houses to make them a good amount of cash. Even though the series ended in 2009, their relationship was blooming for a long time. However, every happiness came to an end after their divorce in 2011.

What is Veronica Montelongo Net Worth?

Her net worth is around $4 million. She earns her wealth by working as a real estate agent in her locality. Even though she has received quite a bit of fame, her work is still local. Therefore, she still has more distance to cover if she wants to go global with her business strategy.

Is Veronica’s Instagram Active?

She uses Instagram as her main social media platform. Veronica has an Instagram account with the username @vmoniquebliss. She is posting about her family and her lifestyle. Moreover, if you want to look at her private life, we suggest following her Instagram.

Veronica Montelongo
Veronica Montelongo horse riding Via Instagram

What is Veronica Montelongo’s Height?

She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall and weighs 88 kg. Even though she has not shared any details about her facial features, it seems that her eyes are black, and her hair is of the same color. However, we don’t have any details about their zodiac sign.

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