American Rapper and Rapper’s son Trey Budden was born in the limelight. However, due to his family issues, he had to repeatedly prove that he could build a career out of himself. Trey Budden mother and father separated after his birth, and he lived with his mother for his entire childhood. Even though he had all of his right to stay alongside his father, he decided to stay with his mother instead. He still lives with his mom and pursues his career.

Trey Budden Mother
Trey Budden savage Photo Via Twitter

Born on May 11, 2001, Trey is the son of famous rapper Joe Budden and mother Angela”Angie.” Being born in Jersey City, New Jersey, he was always around the influence of rappers and music producers. He wanted to become as bigger as his father in the music and rap scene.

Trey has worked in several music and teen shows where he shows his rapping and acting skills. Moreover, as of now, he is regularly working on his music and releases. You can see his songs if you search his name on youtube.

Are Trey Budden Mother and father still together?

Trey Budden was born as a love sign between his father and mother. However, things didn’t turn out well as time passed. As per different media sources, the couples used to argue a lot. Most of the time, the arguments were related to his dad’s future as a rapper.

Even though the rapper is a good career path in the media industry, His mother was unsure if they could make a good life. Hence, they found themselves in a pretty tight situation. The situation where they both decide that they cannot live together as a couple.

Trey Budden Mother
Trey Budden father and himself Via EcelebMirror

They separated after one year of their relationship. Even though both decided to live a happy life without each other, Trey Budden cannot say the same. Trey Budden was just a child when his parents separated.

Hence, he had to make his tough decision at an early age. He was asked whether he wanted to stay with his mother or dad. He most fondly replied he wanted to live with his mother. His father was the main influence in his life, but he wanted to keep his life going around his mother.

The name of Trey Budden’s mother doesn’t exist on Wikipedia.

Though Trey Budden lives with his mother, her name is not mentioned anywhere in the biography of Joe Budden. In his father’s biography, his mother’s name is kept anonymous. We currently don’t know why the information is not made public. But we guess that this has to do something with his next affair with a model of Vixen magazine. After leaving his mother, his father was engaged with another model from a magazine.

After his 2nd affair, his father conceived his 2nd child and his stepbrother Lexington Budden. Lexington is just five years old as of 2022, and Trey Budden seems to have nothing to do with it. He has not seen his stepbrother once, and we don’t think he is going to do in the future. Living alongside his mother, he also has kept her name anonymous from her media. He has done this to bring less attention to his personal life.

Trey Budden Mother
Trey Budden father with his younger son Via Atlantarockstar

Total members in the family

Trey Budden’s father Joe Budden had over four relationships before he decided to live a single life. In the meantime, he had over two children and two known relationship statuses. His father’s first child is Trey. Trey was born due to his father’s affair with is mother, Angie. Both had a child after one year of the relationship.

Later, they both separated, leaving Trey to his mother’s side. After some years, his father again started dating a popular VIXEN model. Soon enough, they conceived a child after dating for one and a half years. The 2nd child and the stepbrother of Trey Budden are named Lexington Budden. So, in total, there are five members in the family. Two mothers along with two children and a father.

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