When it comes to the topic of Veronica Montelongo, we certainly remember her spark into both entertainment as well as the gossip world. She is an American actress who rose to global stardom from her role in the film Line of Duty. In addition, the recently sky-touching news of Veronica Montelongo Engaged with John Morales has created another level of hype on social media.

There is no confusion about Veronica’s ability as she is currently a real-estate businesswoman and media celeb. But it is also true that she becomes a trendy personality after her marriage and so-related controversies. Her romantic ties and marital life with a high-profile American speaker and real-estate entrepreneur, Armando Montelongo, has not remained a secret now.

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Veronica Montelongo Engaged
Veronica Montelongo Engaged To John Morales

Is Veronica Montelongo Engaged or Married to John Morales?

A very stunning woman and a present most searched name, Veronica Montelongo, has married her life partner, John Morales. However, it was not as easy as it sounds to begin a relationship when Veronica had already been through so much trauma in her life. As per the sources, the two first met in 2012 when both Veronica and John were working at the same company.

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That formal meet-ups soon turned into romantic dates, bringing happiness to Veronica’s unstable life. Similarly, just after two years, in June 2014, John made his move and took their relationship to the next level. Veronica Montelongo Engaged with John Morales, and the news was published through their social media.

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Veronica Montelongo Engaged
Veronica Montelongo With Her Now-Husband John Morales

Having a new life with a new partner who is more caring and trustworthy is what a woman deserves. Veronica soon became the partner of John’s construction business and made it more profitable. Finally, the pair then exchanged their wedding vows in 2017 in the presence of all family members and close ones, making their relationship more strong and unbreakable.

At present, Veronica has to live the life she wished for a long time with her husband, John Morales. She has also welcomed a son with her husband and enjoyed raising their son together. As per their respective social media, Veronica and John’s son is currently 4-years old. But the name of their son has still out of the record.

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Had Married To Armando Montelongo!

The former Husband and Wife but ex-couples now, both Veronica Montelongo and Armando Montelongo, has their first meeting in 1995. After dating for some years, the two tied their wedding knots in a private ceremony in 1997. Later in 2005, the couple appeared in a reality show where people found the chemistry and sparkle in-between their relationship.

After being married for around 14-long years, the couple started having conflicts in their married life in late 2010. As a result, the pair divorced in 2011 and went their ways without interfering in one another’s life. But Veronica and Armando still have one child, Mondoman Montelongo, who has needed proper care from his parents. However, Armando has failed to pay spousal support in 2016. He has agreed and decided to pay $4K per week and $250K for five years

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