Debra Antney, who prefers her name as Deb, is a famous manager. The legendary Debra Antney is profoundly popular for breaking many rappers’ careers. Debra Antney Kids are a subject of curiosity to many as she is the mother to a bunch of children. So, who are the kids? Are they blood-related the kids? Are they blood-related, half-siblings, or what is it?

Moreover, the central question is who the father is. Or are the children from different fathers. The curiosity is always there for a long while. Hence, today we unveil all the inside information about Debra Antney Kids. The 60 years old entertainment manager is the founder of Mizay Entertainment.

Antney, the CEO, launched many rappers, including some of her children. Many unfortunate incidents crossed Deb’s children’s lives. All of the incidents created a considerable buzz. The TV series; Love and HipHop did give Debra fame, but many of her private moments came out to the public through that. That news is from a long way back. Thus, we dart out every previous incident and rumor in the season below, no matter how old those are. Hence, let’s start the dig and get into it.

Is Debra Antney Brother DJ Hurricane? Learn About Her Siblings

How many Kids Debra Antney have?

Debra is the mother of a bunch of kids. She has eight kids altogether. Five of her children are her sons, and three of them are daughters. All of her boys are her blood-bound children. But, her daughters are adopted. Deb made it clear in an interview that she wanted daughters but was blessed with sons only. She even thought of trying surrogacy, but something moved her, and she adopted three beautiful baby girls. Debra has a granddaughter as well.

Who are Debra Antney kids?

Antney is the mother of some famous rappers. She brought them to fame as their managers. Her sons are; Rahleek Malphurs, Wooh Da Kid, Tyquam Alexander, Kayo Redd, and Juaqin James Malphurs (Waka Flocka Flame). She launched two of her sons solely from Mizay Entertainment; Wooh Da Kid and Kayo Redd. Three of her sons, Wooh Da Kid, Tyquam, and Waka Flocka Flame, are in the rap industry.

Moreover, her three daughters are adopted and loved to the core by Deb. The names of her daughters are not out yet. Debra stays very protective of her daughters and keeps them out of the public eye. Although Deb and her sons are very famous, the icon successfully hides her daughters’ identity.

Moreover, Debra also has a granddaughter from her youngest son, Attila Scott. Also, the entrepreneur terms her daughter-in-law as her daughter out of love. Hence, her daughter-in-law is the wife of Deb’s son Waka Flocka Flame. Besides, Debra has also come into the news recently, after she revealed why she loves Donald Trump.

Did Debra Lose one of her Kids?

Unfortunately, Antney went through a challenging phase when losing her youngest son. Sadly, she lost her son, Kayo Redd, to suicide on December 29. Kayo Redd’s real name was Coades Scott. His dead body was near his home in 2013. It was a gunshot, but it was self-inflicted. The late rapper lost his life to internet bullies. Furthermore, the suicide was because of brutal comments on the internet. Deb has a granddaughter from her late son.

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Who is Debra Antney Life Husband?

Debra Antney might be famous, but her love life is not as renowned as hers. She does not even let out the names of her kids’ fathers. The icon keeps her lips tight when it comes to terms with her spouse. It is not sure if she was together with one person or more. Deb is never out with any guy. She does not attend parties, premieres, or anything with any man. Deb was never seen even once with any man in all these years.

Somehow, it is imposing that she successfully keeps her shallow profile private life. But, there are some rumors that she did not have a great marriage with her husband. In addition, some news suggests there were barriers because of adoption. It might not be sure, but one thing is certain that Debra does not need a man to be successful. She is successfully the owner of $10 Million worth of fortune.

Does Debra have a Famous Sibling?

The famous icon is the godmother to Brandon Barnes. Barnes’ cousin happens to be Ayana Fite. Ayana Fite is the daughter of DJ Hurricane. Many assume Hurricane and Debra are siblings but this is not true. DJ Hurricane, James Bimmy Antney, and Debra treat each other as siblings out of love. Hurricane’s daughter, Ayana, calls Deb her aunt. Ayana grew in front of Deb’s eyes. They are very close to each other.

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