Veronica Montelongo

Veronica Montelongo is a popular American real estate businesswoman and media celeb. She became popular due to a television series involving the real estate business. Her work ethic and her way of selling houses were pretty unique. She played the television series alongside her longtime, now-former husband. They both were able to flip a good […]

Lisa Loiacono

Lisa Loiacono is a successful American businesswoman and entrepreneur. She has wide recognition as the wife of Christopher Iliod, a renowned American television personality. Lisa is also famous for her active presence on social media, especially on Instagram, where she shares pictures of her family, friends, and personal life. Lisa managed to become a successful […]

Marilyn Nault

Marilyn Nault is best known as the third wife of basketball legend Bill Russell. Despite not being known for any specific activities like other athlete partners, Marilyn led a simple life and came from a modest background. She and Bill enjoyed a long and happy marriage until her untimely death due to cancer. Throughout their […]

Lori Wachs

Lori Wachs is a well-known businesswoman in the United States. She is also known as the wife of Ali Velshi, a famous Canadian television journalist. She is the president of Cross Ledge Investments in Philadelphia. Moreover, she is well known for her wealth and success as a businesswoman over the years. Lori is an established […]

Tricia Lucus

Famous for being the wife of globally recognized Singer and Songwriter Toby Keith, Tricia Lucus is an American woman, a celebrity wife and a businesswoman. She is the owner of the clothing business and a co-founder of Buckle Up and a restaurant, and I Love This Bar & Grill.  Meanwhile, Tricia’s husband, Toby Keith, has four studio albums […]

Betsy Arakawa

Whenever you wonder who the woman with Gene Hackman is, let me tell you that she is her life partner, Betsy Arakawa. She is the second wife of Gene Hackman. She is kind and caring towards her family members and loving friends. A businesswoman and a music lover lady who plays the classical piano very […]

Cherelle Griner

Table of Contents Toggle What is Cherelle Griner Age? Where Did Cherelle Complete Her Education? Where Did Cherelle Griner Meet Brittney? Is Brittney Griner Married to Cherelle Watson? Is Brittney Griner Wife Happy with Him? Does Cherelle Have An Instagram? What is Cherelle Griner Net Worth? What is Cherelle Griner Height? Famous as Brittney Griner […]

Tonya Hartwell

 We will talk about yet another celebrity’s wife in today’s coverage. Tonya Hartwell Is famous all over America as Ed Hartwell wife. She is the third wife of the popular American footballer who married her after the divorce of the second wife. The media was silent on the love life of the popular media celebrity. […]

Kathleen McNulty Rooney

Being born in a rich family comes with wealth, name, and fame. Kathleen McNulty Rooney is an infamous American real state agent and a member of a famous Rooney family. In addition, she is famous for being the mother of a popular actress and producer. Her family is famous for many different reasons. Some of […]

Karen Finerman

Karen Finerman is a well-recognized businesswoman and a renowned television personality. Her success has written many stories so far. However, leading a life in glamor and entrepreneurship is not easy; it is as tough as it sounds. Karen is a dexterous lady who possesses the best of herself everywhere. You might have heard a lot […]

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