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Veronica Montelongo 2nd Husband is a very recent hot topic and Veronica has however gained a lot of notoriety as a former celebrity wife. She is recognized as the ex-wife of Armando Montelongo irrespective of the fact that she is an actress and a real estate businesswoman. Armando Montelongo had a key role in Veronica’s life. The ex-couple co-hosted shows and portrayed what most of their followers considered to be the perfect combination. Tragically, fate had other plans.

Ex-Montelongo couple may have been together for up to 14 years, according to rumors. They had a son named Mondoman as well. While they made a fantastic team on the tv program, their connection quickly disappeared off the screen. In 2011, they got divorced, but it’s unclear who started it. And for now, Veronica is allegedly hiding the fact that she has a second husband. Find out more about Veronica Montelongo 2nd Husband by reading the rest of the article. (

Veronica Montelongo Engaged to John Morales – When Did They Marry?

Veronica Montelongo 2nd Husband
Veronica with her ex-husband Armando

Who is Veronica Montelongo’s current partner?

After her divorce, did Veronica Montelongo get remarried? After divorcing Armando Montelongo, Armando’s ex-wife hid her relationship affairs for a while. Apart from her reappearance in Line of Duty in 2013, she was off the media for a long time. According to the sources, they don’t appear to be seeing each other anymore, and both of them have happily moved on.

All You Want To Know About Armando Montelongo

Both individuals have now remarried and started families. While Armando is married to Whitney and even has three children with her, Veronica is married to her business associate John Morales. Both individuals appear to be enjoying their time with their families and appear to be happy with their new spouses.

Veronica Montelongo 2nd Husband
Veronica and her current partner attending a party

Veronica Montelongo 2nd Husband is Armando!

The marriage to Armando is very happily over for Veronica Montelongo. In fact, she is currently with John Morales, and a large number of people appear to adore them. In the real estate industry, this couple has been actively building their careers together and many people refer to them as a power couple. They collaboratively own a business called Avery Building Company. With all the money they earn, the pair appears to be having a great time traveling and working together.

Who is Armando Montelongo Wife? Who is He Married To Now? Any Kids?

Veronica Montelongo 2nd Husband
John and Veronica on thier own designed wedding venue

In front of all of their loved ones and family, the couple exchanged wedding vows in 2017, strengthening and solidifying their union. With her spouse, John Morales, Veronica is now living the life that she has wanted for a very long time. They gave birth to a son, and the two appear to be lovingly raising him together. John and Veronica’s son, according to their separate social media accounts, is currently 4 years old. However, their son’s name is still not on record.

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