Meegan Rubin

Some people get into the media highlight because of their hard work, dedication, and contribution in the entertainment industry, while some get popularity by just being their wives. A similar case happens with Meegan Rubin, a school dance teacher, and ex-wife of American businessman and social activist Michael G. Rubin. However, Meegan Rubin and Michael G. […]

Jennifer Gareis

Jennifer Gareis and the role she portrayed as Grace Turner are very familiar characters of the popular TV series The Young and The Restless, which has gained a separate love in everyone’s heart. She also appeared as Donna Logan on the TV show Bold and the Beautiful. Besides being an established actress in the American industry, Jennifer held […]

Banita Sandhu

Banita Sandhu is a rising British-born actress who began her filmy journey from Indian Films. She came to the public spotlight on 2018’s Bollywood film October featuring Varun Dhawan and cast in Tamil movie Adithya Varma. Besides this, she also made her name in the international movie industry, appearing in the science fiction TV show Pandora (2019). […]

Ella Jay Basco

Ella Jay Basco is a child actress who started her career from different ads and commercials. She was seven when she played the role of ‘Evie’ in the show “Gray’s Anatomy.” Likewise, she is also a nominee for different awards. The Filipino-Korean star kid is currently fifteen years old, residing with her parents and three […]

Erin Carufel

Erin Carufel is an American actress who has widely become a familiar face in the entertainment world through her works in The Lincoln Lawyer as Leslie Faire. However, her performance in TV series and Movies like Peppermint as Coma Doctor, Payday as Caren Sandstone, CSI: Miami as Nikki Wilcox is also non-deniable. Erin owns the total […]

Saniyya Sidney

The name Saniyya Sidney and the role she portrayed as Amy Bellafonte is the very familiar character of the popular TV series The Passage, which has made a separate love in everyone’s heart. She is a talented child actress who has enlisted in one of the youngest child actresses of the Hollywood cinema industry. Apart from her lead role […]

Gloria Garayua

Gloria Garayua is an American actress, model, and TV personality. She stepped into the entertainment industry in 2005 with a comedy film, Fun with Dick and Jane, and appeared as a guest in on-going TV shows like Six Feet Under, Weeds, and The Shield. Moreover, Gloria’s role in the popular show Grey’s Anatomy was also magnificent as […]

Kathryn Harrold

Some people are born in History, while some are born to create History. Yes, the celebrity we will talk about is non-other than the evergreen actress of American cinema, Kathryn Harrold. She is a retired film actress who is currently working as an American counselor. Kathryn can be introduced as a well-known female actress who has […]