Losing someone close might be heartbreaking and hard to recover from. It is why most people don’t recover from this trauma for a long time. Losing someone after a long time means letting go of the memories you kept together for all of these years. Similarly, today we will talk about the life of Susie Behm and learn if Susie Behm remarried someone or not.

Different rumors about her remarrying her new partner started popping up when her husband died in 2011. The rumors were related to her marrying another individual after being lonely for over 11 years. Since this is only a rumor, people are wondering about the facts behind this particular statement. And today we are going to deliver all of it.

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Susie Behm Remarried
Susie Behm with her husband in a car (Source: Weekly Magazine)

However, before learning anything about her marriage life, let us learn a little bit about herself first. If you guys don’t know, Susie Behm is famous around the Internet for being the wife of popular British motor racing driver Dan Wheldon. Dan and Susie married back in 2008. However, their marriage didn’t last forever, as Dan had an accident in 2011.

Dan died in his car crash, which was caused by a fencing pole piercing the car’s cockpit. Even though he passed away back in 2011, they both had two children named Sebastian and Oliver. The sudden passing of the popular race driver saddened everyone in his family and relatives. Hence, his fans thought that his wife married other men after his death. 

Did Susie Wheldon Re-marry? 

The rumors about her remarrying other men started popping up when she walked down the street in England with another man. They were only seen casually walking around each other along with her children.

Even though the media popularized this detail, it was not revealed whether the man was her boyfriend, friend, or relative. Due to this reason, the public is confused about the ex-celebrity wife’s relationship status. They are wondering if she is married or is dating anyone.

Susie Behm Remarried
Susie Behm at her husband’s funeral (Source: Weekly Magazine)

We hate to break it up with you, but it seems that she is not dating anyone in general. She is a proud mother of two children and is not seeing anyone. As far as the guy in the rumor is concerned, it seems that it was her relative who was taking her sons for a walk. We have debunked that rumor, and we certainly cannot talk about her future. She has been living in the shadows since the passing of her husband. Hence, we cannot tell if Susie Behm remarried. 

All You Want To Know About Susie Behm

Susie Behm Children’s Custody 

Since the children don’t have a father in the world, it is pretty obvious that she will have full custody of her children without even fighting for it. As far as the age of the children is concerned, it seems that Sebastian is around the age of 13 years old, as he was born in 2009.

Other than that, her youngest son’s age is around 11 years old, as he was born on the day his father sustained the car crash. It might be so depressing to know that your father died on the day you were born. However, fate seems to have chosen the same statement.

Susie Behm Remarried
Susie Behm with her husband and two kids (Source: Instagram)

Since we don’t have enough evidence to prove that she is seeing someone at the moment. Hence, we cannot say any legal things about the kids. Dan’s parents are still alive and might even take up the responsibility of taking care of two kids after she gets married to someone else. Hence, it is up to the court to decide where the future of the kids lies. Now that you know a little bit about the lighter side of the rumor, we hope you keep following our website for more details. 

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