Armando Montelongo Wife has always been searched by his fans. Sometimes it takes more than just the presence to build a successful relationship. Building a good love life requires constant fights, emotional connections, respect, and whatnot. Well, some stories are meant to be sad, and some people are just too late to save.

The same thing happened to one of the best celebrity couples in America named, Armando Montelongo and Veronica Montelongo. Today we will learn all about Armando Montelongo’s Wife and why he divorced Veronica.

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Armando Montelongo Wife
Armando Montelongo and his ex-wife Via Youtube

Suppose you are wondering about their life or other details. You can check out the full biography of Armando Montelongo and Veronica Montelongo. Before we move further, let us know a little about Armando Montelongo. Armando Montelongo is a well-popularized television media star. He became popular because of his television show named “Flip This House.” Born on the 25th of October 1970 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Armando Montelongo became popular alongside his media wife. However, that bond didn’t stay forever.

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Armando is a Married Man!

Suppose you guys know about the history of Armando Montelongo. Then you might have a little idea about how much of a hard-working person he is. He takes his business very seriously and loves to take care of his family as well. However, when it comes to loving his wife, it seems that he slipped. As we all know, he was married to the popular American celebrity Veronica Montelongo, and they both have an amazing bond on screen.

Armando Montelongo Wife
Armando Montelongo and Veronica Via IMDb

However, things were not working out off-screen. As the rumors are anxious, it seems that Armando Montelongo was seeing someone else, though he was already associate with Veronica. As the day passed, the world came to know that Armando and Veronica were away from each other.

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Is Armando Montelongo married to Whitney?

After the divorce from Veronica, it seems that the popular businessman decided that he wanted to continue his life with his new partner. He, later on, married Whitney and even took the responsibility of taking care of his two children. Through some media information, we also came to know that he sometimes visits Veronica and also lets his children see her.

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He is a kind father and loves to share the bond of love even with the people he has already separated from after working together for over a year in Flipping Nightmare alongside his ex-wife. He shared numerous memories. However, now he finds himself sharing a beautiful bond with his new life partner Whitney Montelongo.

Armando Montelongo Wife
Armando Montelongo and his children via MarriedWiki

Though there is very less information available about Whitney. She seems very good at taking care of Armando Montelongo’s life and his children. Being the new member of Armando Montelongo’s family, we will soon cover different details regarding Whitney Montelongo. Till then, we hope you will keep following our page!

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