Taylor Giavasis’s dad became a convicted murderer who was sentenced to life imprisonment. The FBI arrested her father Bobby Lee Cutts Jr. after he pled guilty to Jessie Davis’s murder. It was the cold-hearted murder of his unborn baby and Davis. Further, it was also a case of aggravated burglary and abuse of a corpse.

Best known as the celebrity daughter of top Instagram influencer Nikki Giavasis, Taylor has garnered much attention as an Instagram content creator. She is a famous social media sensation who has achieved immense fame and popularity.

Why Taylor Giavasis Dad Is Convicted Murderer?

Taylor Giavasis’s dad is Bobby Lee Cutts Jr. Indeed, her father, Cutts, is a convicted murderer of a near-term woman from Lake Township in Ohio named Jessie Marie Davis. In addition to that, she never likes to get vocal about her father as he was not with her when she was growing up. He left her family at a very young age.

Moreover, she even tweeted that her dad doesn’t even exist on her Twitter handle. Therefore, it thoroughly implies the bad impact that he created since her young age. More specifically, in a September 2018 tweet, her followers wrote, “Do y’all ladies think it’s true that you choose men similar to your fathers ??”. She replied, “Well, I have no father, but my boyfriend is like my mother.” She has repeatedly made statements regarding ignoring her father in interviews or social involvements.

She was born to her father Bobby and her mother, Nikki Giavasis. Growing up, she grew around a single parent her mother was the one who nurtured her to be a celebrity like her. Her mother, Nikki, is a well-known entrepreneur and actress. Cleveland Plain-Dealer also reported that her mother, Nikki met her father while both students at Walsh University. They also revealed that her father, Cutts went to court in Stark County, Ohio, in an attempt to get full custody. Moreover, Taylor currently lives a blissful life with her fiance Nash Grier, and her children.

Why Is Her Dad Accused For The Murder Of Jessie Davis?

Cutts was guilty of Davis’ murder, the aggravated murder of his unborn baby, aggravated burglary, gross abuse of a corpse, and child endangering. The murder occurred in June 2017. He was the father of Davis’ unborn child and her 2-year-old son.

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In contrast, Cutts was an officer with the Canton Police Department at the time of the murder. In the beginning, he wasn’t considered a suspect in Davis’ murder as he was an officer. But, the FBI took him into custody, and there was no involvement of the police department. Adding more to the case, the report suggests that he was active on a dating website after the murder of Davis.

Following the incident, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported the case in 2007. They reported that he had fathered three children by three different women. After being found guilty, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for 57 years in February 2008. Most surprisingly, he also could have faced the death penalty in the case.

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