I think as, by 2022, everyone knows that even little detail about environment and space should be handled carefully. Even a single piece of information is vital when living on a planet filled with endless possibilities. Not only are we vulnerable internally, but we are also vulnerable externally. So, today our next coverage is on yet another popular journalist and meteorologist, Amelia Draper.

Amelia Draper Is a well-known meteorologist who has been serving in the storm 4 Television show, which is located in Washington, DC. Meteorologists are responsible for recognizing certain patterns in the environment on Earth. They are well known for studying the science of our planet’s atmosphere and its different physical processes. It is one of the riskiest and most hard-working jobs that require a well statistical study. All information related to the weather forecast can be vital for a country. How is the life of a weather forecaster meteorologist? Let us learn from her biography!

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Quick Facts
Full NameAmelia Draper
Date of BirthDecember 11th, 1986
BirthplaceFrederick County, United States
RelationshipMarried to Matthew Draper
Net worth$100k
Height5 feet and five inches
Weight57 kgs
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Siblings1 sister and 1 brother
Children1 son
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorBlack
Amelia Draper
Amelia Draper Twitter’s icon profile picture Via Twitter

What is Amelia Draper’s Age?

As of 2020, her age is around 35 years old. On December 11th, 1986, Amelia was born in Frederick County, United States. Being born in America, she holds an American nationality card in her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Her father’s name is Dave Segal, and her mother’s name is Mari Segal. She also has one brother and is rumored to have a sister too. However, unlike her parents, details about her siblings are not available in the media. 

What is her educational background?

As we said earlier, you have to be educated to become a meteorologist in the first place. This study is hard, but it also requires a dedicated amount of time and effort. As for Amelia, she seems to have attended her primary studies at Middletown High School. She then went to Penn State University to start studying meteorology. Her work ethic in meteorology was so good that she left her graduation ceremony to work on her weather forecasting.

Where does Amelia Draper currently work?

Amelia started working as a meteorologist after she graduated from Penn State University. She stated in several interviews that she likes being a meteorologist, so she joined early to learn different things going around her environment. As of now, she’s currently working as a meteorologist under NBC’s Storm Team 4. She also works in a new center news show, where she reveals everything about news forecasting in other details. 

Amelia Draper
Amelia Draper Twitter’s profile Via Twitter

Is Amelia Draper Pregnant?

After dating for over three years, she married her husband, Matthew Draper, on May 7th, 2016. Like any other celebrity, she also likes to keep her private life to herself. However, on October 1st, 2021, Amelia departed from NBC Washington for her maternity leave. Judging by the fact that she left for maternity leave, it is sure that She was pregnant at the time.

However, the news became even more obvious when she welcomed a new baby boy in her family and her husband, Matt Draper. Though we don’t know the baby’s birth date, he is certainly a boy. As of now, she’s currently keeping her baby away from the media to protect baby. So we think we need to wait for a while before the couple reveals anything about their son. 

Does She have any social media accounts?

Like any other popular journalist, she likes to use social media to communicate with their fans. If you search on Google about her Instagram are, Instagram comes under the username @ameliadraper. Even though she has her profile picture on her Instagram, she is more attracted to nature. Currently, her Instagram profile doesn’t contain any of her pictures in her profile feed. Maybe She uses her Instagram to promote more about nature and how we should preserve it.

Amelia Draper
Amelia Draper with her friends Via Twitter

What is Amelia Draper Net Worth?

Even though Amelia is a popular NBC Journalist and The Washington meteorologist, her net worth might not be as high as expected. If we are all to count her work, We cannot see that much diversity as she has been a meteorologist all the time around NBC. Maybe it is because of the field of her work, but due to lack of diversity, her net worth has been decreasing. So, what is her net worth anyway? It turns out that the popular meteorologist’s net worth is around $100k as of 2022.

What is Amelia Draper Height?

Her actual height is around 5 feet and five inches, and her weight is around 57 kgs. Amelia’s facial structure is similar to any other American Caucasian middle-aged woman, with Black eyes and brown hair. However, she’s a recurring TV personality. Her body measurements are yet to be found. Moreover, his Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. 

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