Shawn Fonteno

There is no way that you have already forgotten the iconic voice of Franklin from GTA5. We will cover Franklin’s voice actor named Shawn Fonteno. Shawn Fonteno Is a popular American actor and rapper. He is globally famous as the voice actor who voiced Franklin from GTA 5. Without his voice, Franklin would not have […]

Kurtwood Smith

Table of Contents Toggle What is Kurtwood Smith Age? Where did Kurtwood receive his Education? Who are Kurtwood Parents? Are Kurtwood Smith and Jack Nicholson relatives? How did Kurtwood start his Career? Who is Kurtwood Smith Girlfriend? Is Kurtwood active on social media? What is Kurtwood Smith Net Worth? What is Kurtwood Smith Height? An individual needs hard work, dedication, and […]

John Viener

Voice acting is a form of acting that expresses the emotions in the character’s form. Yeah. If there is no voice in any animated character series that you ever watched, it would be pretty lame to watch it anyways. Tom and Jerry’s series was entirely in silent mode. And today’s modern world, voice acting has […]

Dante Hoagland

Dante Myles Hoagland aka Dante Hoagland is a popular American actor known for his voice-over and appearances in popular Hollywood movies and T.V. series. He started his career at a very young age, and since then, he has appeared in lots of films and T.V. series as an actor and voice-over artist.  Dante Hoagland’s prominent […]

Taliesin Jaffe

Taliesin Jaffe is a popular Los Angeles-based American Voice actor, Director and Screen Writer. He is well known for his dubbing in different legendary movies and television shows. His works often feature animated cartoons and theatre dramas. The actor also comes in limelight for his open public opening related to his life and decisions. Taliesin […]

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