Voice acting is a form of acting that expresses the emotions in the character’s form. Yeah. If there is no voice in any animated character series that you ever watched, it would be pretty lame to watch it anyways. Tom and Jerry’s series was entirely in silent mode. And today’s modern world, voice acting has become one of the most important characteristics of any Animated movie. Similarly, we will talk about yet another voice actor named John Viener. 

Suppose you have ever been a fan of a popular television series named Family Guy. There’s a chance that you might identify the odd voice of Meg as well as Ron Griffin. As of 2022, John has voice-acted over 25 plus Animated television series and movies. However, due to the recent popularity of his television series, his name is Duncanville. People are more wondering about him. So let us learn all about him and his life through his biography.

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Quick Facts
Full NameJohn Viener
Date of Birth10th of July 1972
BirthplaceNew York City, United States
Net worth$1.5 million
Height6 feet and 4 inches
Zodiac SignCancer
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorDark Brown
John Viener
John Viener interview Via Wikicommons

What is John age?

As of 2022, his age is around 49 years old. His full name is John D Viener, And he was born on the 10th of July 1972 in New York City, United States. Since he was born in America, he holds an American nationality card, and his ethnicity is Caucasian.

Due to several privacy regions, we don’t have any information about his parents and siblings. However, we know that he belonged to a middle-class family where his father worked as a pharmacy consultant and his mother was a housewife.

Did John Viener from family guy go to St. Bernards?

John has been pretty secretive about his private life and his Academy qualification. Maybe it is because he wants to hide something, Or maybe he is not too comfortable sharing it. Nevertheless, he has not shared his primary and higher education details. 

There is no exact information regarding did john viener from the family guy went to St. Bernards. However, we do think that he might have studied his primary education at his nearby New York City schools. Then, later on, he went to the capital city to study more related to his career.

When did John Viener work as Tmz Announcer?

In his recent television series known as Duncanville, In working as a TMZ announcer. A television series was first released in 2022 and continued till 2021. The series featured the actor in over 19 episodes, and the audience greatly appreciated him.

As we also said earlier, he is well known for the television series Family Guy. As of 2022, he has already worked in over 308 episodes, including Ron, Meg, and others voicing (doing the voice of Joe Swanson). Rather than Family Guy and Duncanville, he is also well known for his television series known as Arrested Development. 

John Viener
John Viener, in interview Via Wikicommons

Who is John Viener wife?

The popular actor was associated with many female Co-stars in his career. Due to his immense popularity in voice acting, He has already been featured in many animated series. While working on those animated series, he made a lot of female voice actors and other Co-stars. Rumour has it that he even dated some of them.

However, the News never made it to the headlines, and their love seems to have faded away before it bloomed. As of 2022, the popular voice actor has no wife, and he is still single and doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Does John have any social media accounts?

Like any other celebrity, he also uses social media to promote his upcoming movies and television series. Even though he’s not as much as popular as other celebrities, he likes to keep his follower engaged. Due to this reason, he has his social media accounts on topmost platforms like Instagram. His Instagram account is under the username @John_Viener, and he has over 3K followers with 1.7 K whom he follows.

John Viener
John Viener with his co-star

What is John Viener net worth?

As we said earlier, he’s one of the most popular voice actors in Hollywood. His voice acting is so good that even some actors prefer his voice rather than their own. Due to this, he never runs out of projects every year. So from all of these facts, we can Pretty much assume that he is already a millionaire anyway. But if we have to put it down to the numbers, his net worth is around $1.5 million as of 2022.

What is John Viener height?

Even though he is just a voice actor, we think that he should run for the Olympics because he’s pretty tall. His actual height is around 6 feet and 4 inches. Even though we don’t know anything about his body mass, he’s around 70 kgs. He resembles a typical Caucasian face with brown hair and dark brown eyes. Finally, his Zodiac sign is cancer.

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