There is no way that you have already forgotten the iconic voice of Franklin from GTA5. We will cover Franklin’s voice actor named Shawn Fonteno. Shawn Fonteno Is a popular American actor and rapper. He is globally famous as the voice actor who voiced Franklin from GTA 5. Without his voice, Franklin would not have the essence of the local hood feeling. Furthermore, his voice acting added five stars to the creation of Franklin’s character in GTA 5(Pun fully intended). 

Even though people might know him as Franklin’s voice actor, some also know him as the older cousin of the popular American rapper Ice Cube. Since he already had people in high places, it was obvious that he would be famous one day. Moreover, the game industry’s voice acting is as popular as in the media industry. People don’t know much about the popular voice actor and want to know more about him.

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Quick Facts
Full NameShawn Darnell Fonteno
Date of Birth8th of April 1968
BirthplaceWatts, California, United States
RelationshipMarried to Bridget
Net worth$3 million
Height6 feet
Zodiac SignAries
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Shawn Fonteno
Shawn Fonteno, in an interview Via Youtube

How old is Shawn Fonteno?

As of April 26, 2022, he just turned 54 years. Shawn Darnell Fonteno Was born on the 8th of April 1968 in Watts, California, United States. Since he was born in America, he holds an American nationality card, and his ethnicity is African American. Even though he is well related to his cousin Ice Cube, he only has one parent, his father, Thomas. Due to privacy or other reasons, he has not revealed anything related to his siblings.

Where did Shawn receive his Education?

Shawn spent his entire childhood learning about education in his nearby primary and secondary schools; as they say, people in the hood never learn from going to school. He, later on, dropped out of high school to pursue gang life. He joined a gang life as early as he was 22 and continued working for his gang until he became sick. 

Why was Shawn Darnell Fonteno selected for GTA 5?

When game companies look for voice actors for their characters, they look for those actors who suit them best. This particular criterion requires expression as well as experience. This is the reason when Franklin was chosen as the character of GTA 5, Shawn was chosen as the voice actor. Shawn knows the gang life that goes through the American hoods around Los Angeles. 

Shawn Fonteno
Shawn Fonteno and his character Franklin Via Screenrant

Who is Shawn Fonteno Wife?

Shawn Has his own dedicated Wikipedia page where it is not mentioned that he is married. However, on his Wikipedia page, we can find that he has one child. As far as the correct media personnel is concerned, he was married back on 9th May 1997 to his wife, Bridget Johnson. Shawn Was hustling around the streets when he fell in love with his wife, Johnson. As of 2022, they both have a daughter together and are looking forward to their next child.

Is Shawn active on social media?

Builders in the RockStar game made the character from his face. After the popularity of the popular GTA5 character Sean, he was also able to benefit from the exposure. After a few days of attending some interviews, he opened his own official Instagram account under the username @solo118. As of 2022, he has only posted over 97 posts and has over 423K followers. The reason behind his massive following is his character Franklin. 

Shawn Fonteno
Shawn Fonteno Via Io

What is Shawn Fonteno Net Worth?

Shawn has been a hustler since he started leaving the gang life. However, even living a gang life, he knew that it would not sustain him forever. Therefore, he needed to find something to renew his life. This was the time when Rockstar Games found him. Hence, through different interviews and podcasts, he gathered around $3 million as his net worth around 2022.

What is Shawn Fonteno Height?

He resembles a typical African American facial structure with black hair and black eyes. Due to his ethnicity, he is blessed with a height of 6 feet with a body mass of 77 kilograms. As of April 25, 2022, he doesn’t have any health complications and is living healthily. He did undergo some minor surgeries, but it doesn’t have any hard effects on his health. Finally, his Zodiac sign is Aries. 

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