Daniel Doheny

Daniel Doheny, the name belongs to a famous Canadian-American actor, professional scriptwriter, and director. He is one of the youngest men who gained stardom through his roles in TV shows and Movies like Supernatural, Human Town, The Package and False Friend, etc. Moreover, Daniel played the lead role in Netflix’s original series Alex Strangelove released […]

Roe Hartrampf

Roe Hartrampf is an American-born and raised actor widely known for appearing in the Netflix Original Series’ Emily in Paris’. He made his Broadway debut as Prince Charles in Diana, initially directed by Christopher Ashley, in 2021. Roe Hartrampf has been active in the entertainment industry for more than a decade. He has successfully acted and […]

Leland Orser

Leland Orser is considered one of the finest and remarkable actors in the American film and TV industry. People know Orser for his unforgettable roles in movies Seven, Piranha, Pearl Harbor, and TV shows like Star Trek, The Pretender, and Law & Order: SVU. As said, ‘No one can Stop You For Making Change, Until You […]

Barrett Carnahan

Barrett Carnahan is known to anyone who has heard or watched the Nickelodeon Series the Thundermans. In the movie Thundersman, Barrett plays the role of Link Evilman. In addition, he is a famous and popular TV actor. And he is praised for his comedy roles in television shows. Likewise, Barrett developed his interest in the […]

Ryan McPartlin

Fans recognized Mr. Ryan McPartlin for his outstanding roles in numerous TV shows and movies. He is the actual man behind the face of Devon Woodcomb in the action-comedy series Chuck. Ryan is also the star actor who portrayed Michael Nolan in the American Christmas movie ‘The Flight Before Christmas’ in 2019. McPartlin is one of the precious gems […]

Bill Kottkamp

Bill Kottkamp is a well-known actor, producer, and famous comedian who has starred in several television programs, TV commercials, documentaries, and pictures. Bill enters Hollywood blockbusters like “Annabelle Comes Home (2019),” “Fist Fight (2017),” and “Moments of Clarity (2016),” which have generated a sensation in the film industry. Then, Bill came to fame in the […]

Damon Gupton

Damon Gupton is an American actor and film producer who is well-acclaimed for his exceptional roles in Deadline, Prime Suspect, and Criminal Minds. The award-winning actor Gupton has several glorifying stage roles which have echoed his name across the globe. If you’re an eager fan of TV series or orchestral music, you might have probably […]

Vinn Sander

Vinn Sander, who is widely discovered as Indian-American Actor and Assistant Director, has made his name from the TV Mini-Series Dhar Mann, Fear & Desire, and President Evil. He is one of the most promising actors who reached both the Bollywood and Hollywood entertainment industries in a minor period. Vinn Sander started his Filmography and […]

Eric Etebari

If you ever watched 2 Fast 2 Furious Hollywood movies, then there is no way you cannot remember Eric Etebari. Yes, that one American actor, model, and prominent musician who has also portrayed Ian Nottingham in TV series Witchblade, as Bobby Smith in Lade of Rage, and appeared as Darden in 2 Fast and 2 Furious. Besides acting and […]