Taliesin Jaffe is a popular Los Angeles-based American Voice actor, Director and Screen Writer. He is well known for his dubbing in different legendary movies and television shows. His works often feature animated cartoons and theatre dramas. The actor also comes in limelight for his open public opening related to his life and decisions. Taliesin Jaffe has done over 70+ movies and television series till 2022.

Furthermore, if you love Anime and animated 3d televisions series, then you might have heard his voice a lot. His work is distinctly on voice acting and screenwriting. However, on the same job, he seems to be really diverse and cooperative. Though the actor has shared every corner of his life with the media, there are still some things he hasn’t shared. What are those? Let us learn it from his own biography!

Quick Facts
Full NameTaliesin Jaffe
Date of Birth19th Jan 1977
BirthplaceLos Angeles California
RelationshipRumored with Erika Ishii
Net worth$11 Million
Height5 feet and 11 inches
Zodiac SignCapricorn
SiblingsTwo brothers and sisters
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorBlue
Taliesin Jaffe
Taliesin Jaffe afro hair Via Instagram

At what age did Taliesin Jaffe play in Mr mom?

Taliesin Jaffe was born on 19th Jan 1977 in Los Angeles, California. Being born in the city of Films and celebrities. he quickly found his dream passion at the age of 20. He was around the age of 6 when he played in Mr mom. Mr. Mom was an American comedy film that released in 1983 on FOX television. He worked as Kenny Butler in the movie.

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How many brothers and sisters does Taliesin Jaffe have?

He was born in a family of celebrities. It is because his father is a film producer and his mother is a famous actress. His father’s name is Robert Jaffe and his mother’s name is Nina Axelrod. He has a total of two brothers and sisters. However, the name of his brother and his sister are not mentioned on the internet. Taliesin even has his own IMDB and Wikipedia page dedicated to his life.

Life Updates of His Mother Nina Axelrod

Did Taliesin Jaffe receive his hand tremors after working in Stranger Things?

Taliesin Jaffe has ADHD due to his busy life in Los Angeles. His busy schedule and his workload never allowed him to stay in a quiet space and meditate. He started having hand tremors after 30. Medically, hand tremours are related to a disease named Parkinson’s disease. We feel that Parkinson’s’ disease might be the reason behind his hand tremors.

Did Taliesin Jaffe leave the Critical Role with Marisha Ray?

We cannot surely say about Marisha Ray but Taliesin Jaffe took a hiatus from the Critical Role television series. He took the hiatus due to different allegations around him on social media. Firstly, he is accused of being infected with HIV. This news broke up the industry as the Taliesin Jaffe didn’t confirm or deny the claims. Secondly, he was canceled because of verbally abusing his ex-girlfriend Corina Boettger.

Is Taliesin Jaffe married to Erika Ishii?

Taliesin and Erika Ishi worked together in Sagas of Sundry. The audience widely appreciated their chemistry. In mid of 2021, the media started speculating about the dating life of both co starts. Different media outlets have rumored about their marriage in real life. However, both of the stars have neither accepted nor denied the claims of them being in a marital realtionship.

Taliesin Jaffe
Taliesin Jaffe and Erika Ishii Via Tenor

Who is the real wife of Taliesin Jaffe?

He has not been in a marital realtionship yet! He has yet to confirm the details about him being in a serious realtionship. Since he has been rumored with different celebrities, it is hard to pinpoint if he is even dating one at the moment. As of 2022, he is still single and still working in the film industry as a screenwriter. Besides, after his accusations of him being an HIV-positive patient, it’s hard to hear any news of relation from his side.

Did Taliesin Jaffe ever stay in a gay partner realtionship?

He is one of those celebrities who are open to any sort of relationship. He said in a television show he doesn’t mind staying in a realtionship with the same gender. Taliesin stated that “I have never been in BI relationship but if someone is willing to marry me I am open for that”. His words really enlighten the Bisexual committee as he soon became one of the supporters of the committee.

Did Taliesin Jaffe reveal anything about his realtionship on Instagram?

His Instagram is filled with his photos and projects behind the scenes. He seems to love taking pictures of himself in different hairstyles and scenarios. His Instagram username is @executivegoth. In his feed, you can see his weirdly edited pictures and quite different photographs. However, if you are into creepy stuff you can follow his account.

Taliesin Jaffe
Taliesin Jaffe in Comic Con Via Instagram

What is the net worth of Taliesin Jaffe?

He earns around $32,000 per month. His work is often surrounded by voice acting and drama plays. Moreover, Taliesin is also one of the individuals who know how to keep their money well invested. He has invested in different private ventures and seems to receive a yearly cut for it. Though his monthly salary is well known, how much is his net worth? Well, it turns out this net worth is around $11 Million.

How tall is Taliesin Jaffe?

He is 5 feet and 11 inches tall with a body mass of 75kg. His body weights are different depending upon his diet. He seems to have a blue-colored eye with brown-colored hair. Though he seems to like dying his color to purple and blue, his real hair color is brown. Moreover, his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

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