We’ve said multiple times that being associated with a celebrity enhances not only your popularity but also the ones surrounding you. Similarly, today we will talk about yet another celebrity’s wife named Rynne Stump. Rynne Stump is well famous around the globe, being an event manager and the wife of a popular drummer named Danny Carey. Her husband, Danny Carey, is a member of Tool’s popular American rock band.

Though she is quite famous in her own country for her amazing skills and work, her association with the popular American drummer has added sparkle to her spotlight. The couple was speculated for dating each other for over 1 year before finally getting married. However,  the information about their marriage was not noticed as even Wikipedia forgot to cover it. Nevertheless, we will learn all about the life of Rynne Stump and reveal some information that she has made available to the public.

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Quick Facts
Full Name Rynne Stump
Date of Birth 4th of January 1960
Birthplace Suburbs of Poland
Nationality Polish
Ethnicity Polish Caucasian
Relationship Married to Dany Carey
Net worth $500k
Height 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight 66kgs
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Siblings Uknown
Children 1 son
Hair Color Brown
Eye color Dark Hazel
Rynne Stump
Rynne Stump giving a presentation at her festival Via Instagram

What is Rynne Stump age?

Unlike her partner, she is a little older. As of 2022, her age is around 61 years. Rynne Stump was born on January 4, 1960, in the Suburbs of Poland. Though she had a pretty good public popularity, she never revealed anything about her parents. However, we know that her Sister’s name is Sara Stump. Moreover, you should also know that her nationality and ethnicity are both Polish.

Where did Rynne get her Education from?

As far as we know, she studied her primary and secondary education in Poland. Afterward, she went to the US to study more about her height studies. This is where she met the love of her life. Though there is no information about her degree studies and academic studies, she is said to be an organizer of the Stumpfest festival.

When did Rynne start working as an organizer?

We currently don’t have enough information about when she started working as an organizer. We know that she was first appointed as the government-specialized event planner in Poland. However, due to some reason, she deiced to quit the post and started working at the Stumpfest music festival. It seems that the 60-year-old celebrity might have working there since 2011.

Rynne Stump
Rynne Stump enjoying her festival Via Instagram

When did Danny Carey and Rynne Stump reveal about their baby?

Dany Carey wife revealed the newborn on her own Facebook page. The baby was revealed on her Facebook page on June 10, 2015. In the photo, you can see Danny holding the baby and the baby smiling. As of now, the baby is around the age of 7 years old. (https://www.riverbendresort.us) Though there is no good info about the baby, we think the couple is taking very good care of him.

Is Rynne Stump active on social media?

She does have her own Facebook profile, where she loves posting about her lifestyle. As of 2021, she updated her profile picture with her then 6-year-old son. so, she is not quite active there. You can add her to get some more updates about her life and other activities. However, if you want to know about Sutmpfest, you can follow their Instagram and Twitter pages instead.

Rynne Stump
Rynne Stump and her husband holding their first baby Via Instagram

What is Rynne Stump Net Worth?

The popular Sturgeon has been a government worker and a popular event planner. Even though her husband makes good money from his career, she claims to be an independent woman by helping her family financially. As of now, she still works at Stumpfest, which is a popular polish music festival. Rynne’s net worth is around $500k as of 2022.

What is Rynne Stump height?

She is a little shorter than her husband as her height revolves around 5 feet and 6 inches with a body mass of now 66kgs. Moreover, she resembles a typical caucasian polish face with Dark hazel eyes and brown hair. Finally, her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

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