Did you know about Rick Lagina’s Wife’s Cancer? Rick Lagina is a popular celebrity star who has been renowned for his achievements in his entire life. He is famous for being featured alongside his brother Marty Lagina and his nephews David Fornetti and Peter Fornetti. “The Curse of Oak Island” was an overall Lagina family television show where they explored the different hidden secrets of Oak Island. 

Rick Lagina Wife Cancer
Rick Lagina via History

Before we learn about his tragic life story related to his wife, Let us learn about him first. Born on the 25th of January 1952, Rick Lagina is a millionaire philanthropist who has worked in several corporations. He and his brother Marty are the two successful businessmen in the American nation.

Know More of His Interesting Facts Rick Lagina

Throughout their life, they spent their entire years earning money, and now spending their old is learning more about the place they grew up. Now that we know a little bit about Rick, let us explore how his wife lost her life.

Did Rick Lose His Wife?

Rick has been absolutely careful regarding his private life. Even though he has his television series, he rarely talks about his life in a particular show. If you ever saw even one episode of The Curse of Oak Island.

Due to the reason of being the celebrity’s wife’s death, he is not ready to reveal the reason for his wife’s death. Rick has kept his wife’s name private To make sure that people will not ask him about the incident in every event, which makes him in deep to suffer more. Finally, Rick must say the reason for the death of his wife, as cancer is the main reason.

Rick Lagina Wife Cancer
Rick Lagina becoming emotional Via History TV

You know that both brothers are famous for bringing their family members to the particular television. As of 2022, they have nearly shown us all their family members, including their nephews, David Fornetti and Peter Fornetti.

However, It seems that he has not revealed anything about his family to the media due to the particular incident. It is deeply saddening that he still remembers her to this date. We hope that he recovers from it very soon.

How did Rick Lagina Wife Cancer take her life?

Different media sources state that her wife was battling cancer, but she has never revealed it to her husband. However, it was their 15th marriage anniversary when she rebuilt her cancer to her husband, Rick. Even though the man is to consolidate her because she has already gone through enough, they cannot save her in time due to the longevity of the symptoms. Even though Rick never confirmed it himself, it seems that his wife lost her life to breast cancer.

Rick Lagina Wife Cancer
Rick Lagina and his brother in a talk show Via Turko

After battling cancer, we don’t know how many years she left us all in 2010. Before 2010, it was revealed that he was going through chemotherapy, but her symptoms were too severe to be saved. Eventually, it came to a time when she could not resuscitate enough.

Afterward, the doctors finally revealed the time of her death, and she had to be laid down before she took her last breath. Finally, she left her family back in 2010, and her Obituary was released shortly after.

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