The Celebrity World is Huge, and the most interesting thing is anyone could be a superstar with their talent and hard work. A person just needs one hit project, and their names become common musical lyrics flowing through anyone’s lips. Michael Miccoli, the Kissing Booth star, perfectly fits this example. Here we will be more focused on Michael Miccoli Girlfriend and His current relationship in detail; 

As we all are here witnessing Netflix’s one of the most-watched TV movies, “The Kissing Booth,” we surely remember our little child star who portrayed Noah Flynn in the TV show. The little curly-haired boy, Micheal Miccoli, gained extreme recognition from the novel originally written by Beth Reckless. Born on the 15th of March, 2010, to the richest family in the united states, Michael’s current age is 12-years.

What is Michael Miccoli Age? Kissing Booth Fame Actor

Michael Miccoli Girlfriend

Furthermore, Michael Miccoli has stood up on his own, taking a top-class education at National Primary School, Los Angeles. However, he exposed himself to the celebrity world from a random audition for the Netflix TV show. But it just took a little effort, and he appeared with the cast alongside superstars like Joey King, and Jacob Elordi.

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Inside Michael Miccoli Girlfriend Rumors!

Michael Miccoli has created a most beloved spot in the fan’s heart. His cute expressions and emotions perfectly fit his character of 9-years old Noah Flynn. Moreover, even though the matured roles are further played by Jacob Elordi, the main character building and a smooth story is the success of Michael himself.

How Did Michael Miccoli Start His Career? What are his Movies Roles?

Michael Miccoli Girlfriend
Jacob Elordi and Joey King Together Girlfriend

Looking at his charm and success, many fans from The Kissing Booth and The Kissing Booth 3 started following him finding his romantic ties. But unfortunately, the star actor, Michael, is still single and just a growing 12-years old child. The news of his relationship was just some random rumors which can’t be proven right.

Michael Miccoli has not dated or gone through hook-ups, break-ups, or has a  girlfriend. But he has a lady crush on an actress Joey King. Michael accepted her as a crush, saying that he might take her on a date if he was her age. As a result, rumors started spreading about the actor dating a female at a young age.

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Michael Miccoli Girlfriend

However, the possibility of having romantic ties might be true. Michael Miccoli owns a private Instagram account with more than 3.9K followers. He has worked with various co-actors and actresses at a young age. But due to his secretive nature and forbidden exposure to the media from his parents, Michael was rarely spotted by anyone in the media. 

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