Women are stronger than what our society portrays them to be. They’re capable of doing almost everything, but if given a chance, they can do better. Similarly, we will talk about a popular American stuntwoman from your popular movies. Athena Perample is a Professional stunt woman based in Los Angeles. She is well known for acting as zombie queen in the Army of dead.

Though Athena’s most notable feature was in the Army of the dead, she has been doing stunts longer than we can ever imagine. She was also responsible for other female stunts in movies like Kate, Countdown, and even Wanda vision. However, due to the immense popularity of the Zombie Queen, people want to learn more about the Artist. Hence, today we will cover all available about her as a part of her biography.

Quick Facts
Full NameAthena Perample
Date of Birth31st of August 1960
BirthplaceMichigan, United States
Net worth$3 to 5 Million
Height5 feet and 9 inches
Zodiac SignVirgo
SiblingsOne sister and two brothers
Hair ColorBlond
Eye colorBlue
Athena Perample
Athena Perample Instagram’s profile picture Via Instagram

What is Athena Perample Age?

As of 2022, her age is around 31 years old. Athena Perample was born on the 31st of August 1960 in Michigan, United States. Since she was born in America, her nationality is American, and her ethnicity is caucasian. She is born to her father, David Perample, and her mother, Cyndi Kay. Moreover, she also has one sister and two brothers.

Where did Athena receive her Education?

Due to lack of information, we don’t know anything about her education. Her academic qualifications are kept by herself as well as by her agency. Nevertheless, you can find that she has finished her primary and secondary school in her nearby local city. However, she started doing stunts from an early age, so she never went to college.

What is the most popular movie by Athena?

If we are talking about her most popular movie, it must be Army of the dead. She has her IMDB page where it is mentioned that she was a stunt double and Zombie Queen in Army of Dead. However, if we have talked about her television series, her most popular television series was Wandavision by Marvel Cinematic Universe. She was responsible for acting scenes and fighting with Wanda in the tv series.

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Athena Perample
Athena Perample as Zombie Queen Via Instagram

Who is Athena Perample Husband?

She had uploaded a picture of herself with a baby on her Instagram. It seems that they didn’t belong to her. As of 2022, the popular stunt actress is single and doesn’t have a boyfriend. Certainly, the actress has successfully scared away the media due to her zombified looks. Currently, the media also doesn’t have any information about her past relationship.

Is Athena active on social media?

Among her popular social media accounts, she uses Instagram quite a lot. As of now only, her Instagram has over 63. k Followers, and she is following over 2k people. The stunt actress and fashion queen love to share her daily lifestyle with the public. Hence, we suggest you follow her Instagram at @athenaperamle to know more about her life.

Athena Perample
Athena Perample is acting as a stunt double Via Instagram

What is Athena Perample Net Worth?

The skilled actress has two primary income sources. First and foremost is her film industry, where she takes different actions and stunt works. The next one is her dancing classes. However, we don’t know the exact amount after all of this, and her net worth comes to around $3 to $5 Million as of 2022.

What is Athena Perample Height?

Her real hair color is blond with blue eyes. She resembles a typical caucasian facial structure with 5 feet and 9 inches in height and a body weight of 61kg. She has a slimmer body type with abbs, which means she loves to exercise. Finally, her zodiac sign is Virgo.

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