Cindy Costner is a successful American stage actress who caught the attention of the media after marrying her ex-husband, Kevin Costner. The one who holds proficiency in acting, movie direction, music production, and film production. Other than that, she shared her career’s first debut movie with Kevin. Which was well-received and appreciated by critics and audiences.

Born and raised in Orange City, United States of America, Cindy Costner made her name in the glamorous era of stage acting and theater plays. Her first movie with Kevin the legend himself was “Dances with Wolves” and later appeared in Lightweight (1998).

After leaving the industry, she is currently busy with social work and charity. She fights for the welfare of children and women. She has also received a hefty amount of money as a divorce settlement, which has changed her lifestyle and living pattern. Check out the net worth of Cindy Costner and her earnings after divorcing her ex-husband, Kevin Costner, below.

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What is Cindy Costner’s Net Worth in 2024?

According to different online media and celebrity net worths, Cindy Costner is the sole owner of a total fortune of more than $2 million as of July 2024. However, the given amount is exclusive to her earnings, which she accumulated over 20 years of her working career.

Additionally, she has received around $80 Million in alimony from her college sweetheart and ex-husband, Kevin Costner. Likewise, in the total 16 years of Cindy and Kevin’s marital duration, both have worked on numerous projects in Hollywood.

She shared her screen in the movie Dance with Wolves alongside her former husband and some other stars like Graham Greene, Mary McDonnell, and others. The movie has a commercial success of more than $424 million against a production budget of only $22 million.

The gorgeous Cindy later showed her acting proficiency in the movie Lightweight in 1998 and continued working on several similar projects for decades. And finally, after taking a break from all these things, she is continuing to live a happy old age life.

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Where is Cindy Costner Now?

Currently, 64-year-old Cindy Costner is enjoying her life in California, working with several social organizations that fight for children’s and women’s welfare. She lives a lavish lifestyle and has owned an extravagant house in California, too.

As her kids, Annie Costner, Lily McCall, and Joseph Tedrick are all well-established on their own two feet, Cindy does not have to worry about them anymore. As a result, she enjoys her old-age life hanging out in different places. And she spends her money according to her will.

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