Cindy Costner, an occasional actress, is famous for being a celebrity wife. However, the actress is now leading a peaceful life as a single woman. Cindy Costner Married an actor who previously lived her life away from media now. The actress often has visitors in her residence and goes out on joint brunches. Such frequent events indicate that the former celebrity wife is entirely out of that phase. But this session contains certain inside news and rumors. Many do not have the idea of who she was the wife to. Thus, we bring the clearance to everyone via some information below.

Cindy could not keep everything away from the press’s eye like everyone else. Furthermore, Costner keeps dropping hints of re-marriage. So, are those hints actual or just for the media’s attention? Keep reading to dig out every possible filtered answer. Moreover, is Cindy enjoying all of her fortune alone for settlement with her ex-husband? Let’s start the quest to find it all out.

Who is Cindy Ex-Husband?

Cindy Costner was in a marital bond with Kevin Costner. The former couple tied the bond in 1978 for more than a decade. The actress had a blissful marriage with her husband before they decided to split. The 16 years long marriage came to an end in 1994. Cindy was solely famous for being Kevin’s wife throughout their marital journey. Still to this day, many know Cindy for being the former wife of Kevin. However, Cindy filed for divorce and initiated the legal process.

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Who Is Cindy Costner Married To Now?

Cindy, after the divorce, did not walk down the aisle again. Although the actress was out with multiple men, she never took the vows. She even spoke that her past marriage kept her in trauma in an interview. Darting to the fact that Cindy might never get into marriage again. As of now, Cindy is not dating anyone, at least in the media’s eyes. Costner once had a guest over at her home frequently, but later on, it stopped ever since Cindy has been a single woman to date.

Why Did Cindy Costner Have A Divorce?

Cindy and Kevin did their nuptials after dating for a long while. But, their marriage did not succeed after 16 long years. The primary reason for their divorce is Kevin’s busy work schedule. At the time of their divorce, there were many different rumors. Some of them were that Kevin cheated multiple times on Cindy. The other famous rumor is that Kevin once even abused Cindy physically. However, Cindy denied that rumor and termed it a baseless rumor.

Is Cindy Costner Living Alone Now?

The former Mrs. Costner is a mother to three kids. The couple named their two daughters and a son; Lily, Annie, and Joe. Currently, Cindy has been living with her children ever since. After the divorce, Cindy won the children’s custody and lived with them, looking after all of their needs. The children do not have a good bond with their father and like being with their mother the most. So, the actress is not living alone but with her children.

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