Brittney Griner is a star female athlete in America who played for the Women’s National Basketball Association. She is a professional basketball player who played for the Mercury Phoenix, one of the best basketball teams in America. Please stick with us to learn more about their marriage life and Brittney Griner and Cherelle Griner’s kids.

In 2013, she revealed herself in the media as a lesbian. She became the first openly gay athlete. Brittney Griner has married twice and has two kids. If you want to learn more about Brittney, read the below paragraphs.

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Cherelle Griner Kids
Professional basketball player Brittney Grinner (Source: BBC)

Brittney Griner and Cherelle Griner Kids

Cherelle Griner and Brittney are a lovely couple, happily living their lives. Even though they both have different professions, they are supporting each other. They are having a great life; they are planning for the kids, yet they don’t have any children. Brittney has two children from her first marriage. However, Brittney is not living with her children because her wife doesn’t live with her.

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Brittney is the co-parent of twin girls, Ava Simone and Solei Diem. The girls are living with her mother, and Brittney has claimed not to have any biological connection with them. However, the court ordered Brittney to provide proper support to her children from her first wife.

Cherelle Griner Kids
Brittney Griner children (Source: DNB Stories Africa)

How did Brittney Griner and Cherella Griner meet?

Brittney married a fellow WNBA player, Glory Johnson, on August 14, 2014. They lived together and played on the same team as basketball players. Even though they are together, they are not happy with each other. The relationship becomes full of misunderstandings and conflicts. After one year, they were arrested due to domestic violence. Due to violence, they both were suspended from the WNBA for six games, and Griner must complete 26 weeks of violence counseling. While they are both dealing with a difficult situation, they both experience a happy moment. In the same year, Brittney revealed that her wife was pregnant, as it was Johnson’s eggs and sperm from the donor. However, the marriage did not last, so they both decided to get divorced.

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After that, Brittney got married to Cherelle Griner in June 2019. Cherelle Griner is a math teacher and law student who came into the spotlight after marrying Brittney Griner. Firstly, they met at Baylor University in Texas while Cherelle was announcing her name as the best college basketball player. They started dating after Brittney ended her relationship with her ex-wife, Glory Johnson.

Cherelle Griner Kids
Brittney with her wife, Cherelle Griner (Source: Weekly Magazine)

Are Brittney and Cherelle still together?

The couple’s happy married life turned into the biggest problem in their lives. Russian police arrested Brittney on the charge of having drugs at a Russian airport and sentenced her to 9 years in Jail. Her wife, Cherella, is continuously trying to rescue Brittney. She also appealed to President Joe Biden to return her to her native country, and she recently had the opportunity to discuss Brittney’s rescue process with the President.

Cherelle recently posted about her speaking with the president on her social media. She is also hoping to get her wife soon and asking for support from everyone. She continued trying to free her wife and vowed not to rest until she was free. Thus, the couple, after being together, might plan further for their kids. However, for now, the duo is focused on living happily together. I hope this helps you learn about the Brittney and Cherelle Griner kids.

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