Being a celebrity or public figure is not that easy nowadays; you have always been surrounded and targeted by media headlines. Mati Marroni has a similar trendy personality as a model by profession. She is known for her revealing pictures on social networking sites.

In the world of fashion and trendsetting, Mati began to appear in public news feeds in late 2018, when a video clip of her eating a hamburger at Whataburger went viral on social media. Her video had created a lot of buzz on the internet. Mati had to face judgmental comments and catfishing responses from the public.

Though she prefers to live her life in her conditions, Mati’s popularity with controversies will never fade away. With that said, the gorgeous girl is again becoming a controversial star regarding her relationship matters. Her recent interview on YouTube invited many public crazes to know the truth behind Mati Marroni’s sexuality. Thus, let’s find out the full story here.

Is Mati Marroni lesbian or straight?

The Instagram pin-up model, Mati Marroni, is a 22-year-old girl known for her pictures on social media. In her recent interview about her relationship stories, Mati refused to reveal her boyfriend’s name. Also, she has not dated anyone since August 2020.

She has talked about her sexuality, mentioning she does not like boys or has not been interested in dating them. As a result, her statement dragged her into a worldwide controversy, with rumors circulating that Mati Marroni is a lesbian and interested in women. But that is not exactly the case.

Even though Mati said she is a little confused about her sexuality and does not want to be very interested in boys or girls, She also mentioned that she wants to build her career first. Therefore, she made it clear that she did not want to be involved in any relationship until she fulfilled her life goals.

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Active on ‘Only Fans’ Website

Mati is a gorgeous and hot young public figure who always stays in trend. She has created an ‘Only Fans’ website for her loyal fans to buy a membership and talk and see her content. Marroni does not think much before doing anything. She earns a lot of money from her Instagram endorsements and spends a lavish lifestyle in Houston, United States.

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