Did Rick Lagina Wife Had Cancer? What Happened To Her?

Did you know about Rick Lagina’s Wife’s Cancer? Rick Lagina is a popular celebrity star who has been renowned for his achievements in his entire life. He is famous for being featured alongside his brother Marty Lagina and his nephews David Fornetti and Peter Fornetti. “The Curse of Oak Island” was an overall Lagina family […]

Rick Lagina

Rick Lagina is a Popular American celebrity and entrepreneur. He is known for his work in a mysterious television series dedicated to solving a mystery. His work was well around digging the facts that made the place cursed and how to solve it. He didn’t only work in the television series as a leading cast, […]

David Fornetti

Popularity is something that requires a lot of time and effort to achieve. Similarly, David Fornetti received popularity when he featured in the TV series The Curse of The Oak Island. He played along with his brother Peter Fornetti. Although he only appeared in one episode, his acting style has stunned many series fans. Seemingly, […]

Peter Fornetti

Clever people believe that there is no limit to someone’s ability and conscious mind. Similarly, reaching the topmost position of global stardom and fame is also not less than a miracle. But Peter Fornetti is the name which is getting all-around famous as a young and talented film producer from the United States of America. Peter’s fan […]

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