Popularity is something that requires a lot of time and effort to achieve. Similarly, David Fornetti received popularity when he featured in the TV series The Curse of The Oak Island. He played along with his brother Peter Fornetti. Although he only appeared in one episode, his acting style has stunned many series fans.

Seemingly, it looks as if he is very new to the media industry. He was first introduced by his brother Peter Fornetii on “The Curse of Oak Island” tv series. So, let’s scroll down as we take a look at his biography!

Quick Facts
Full nameDavid Fornetti
ParentsJohn Fornetti
Terese Fornetti
SiblingsJulia Fornetti, Daniel Fornetti, and Peter Fornetti
AgeAround 30 Years
Net Worth$100K
FianceAbigail Kursave
First FeatureThe Curse of Oak Island
David Fornetti
David Fornetti Via. TVguidetime.

What is David Fornetti Age?

David Fornetti or any other media outlets have not revealed his birthdate. However, our best guess is David Fornetii is around the age of 30. His father’s name is John Fornetti, and his mother’s name is Terese Fornetti. His mother also became featured in Oak island. She acted as the youngest among the Lagina Siblings just after the brothers.

Are David Fornetti and Peter Fornetti Related?

Yes, David and Peter are sons of the same parents. He has three siblings, Daniel Fornetti, Peter Fornetti, and Julia Fornetti. However, David Fornetti and Peter Fornetti are the only siblings who debuted in the The Curse of Oak Island TV series.

Where did Fornetti Receive his Education?

David studied at Marquette Univeristy for his Business Degree. He joined in 2012 and now helps the university in different activities. Moreover, David is serving as a production assistant, where he records and produces proper brochures for his University goals.

You Might Want to Know About Peter Fornetti

In his LinkedIn profile, you can see he specializes in various skills like Social Media, Marketing, Public Speaking, and others. Certainly, he is not a media person, but he went viral when he was first introduced by his brother Peter Fornetti. Currently, he also works in his university as an associate’s intern.

David Fornetti
David Fornetti Linked in Profile Picture.

How did David Fornetti Become Famous?

Fornetti has not been featured in any major movie or tv series yet. Therefore, his first and foremost appearance in Oak island’s television series made him famous. He and his friend, William Castedo, were the ones that joined one of the episodes of “The Curse of Oak Island” together.

Who is Rick Lagina’s Nephew?

David Fornetti’s character is the nephew of Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina. Moreover, his character is the son of their sister.

Is David Fornetti Married?

Fornetti is not married, but Abigail Kursave is his soon-to-be wife and fiance. He revealed his vital information on his Twitter and Instagram when public. However, there is no other information related to David Fornetti’s personal life affairs. He likes to keep his life low-key and away from the spotlight.

David Fornetti
David Fornetti in The Curse of Oak Island.

Is Fornetti Socially Active?

David uses Instagram with username (@dfornets). His account is currently private and has around 536 followers. So safe to say, he likes to keep his life very private at the moment. Certainly, we hope he might as well make it public.

What is David Fornetti Net Worth?

David has not worked much in the entertainment industry. Therefore, his net worth is also not public. However, he makes around $100,000 per episode for each TV series appearance.

What is David Fornetti Height?

There is no fixed information about his height because he has not been that active on the media yet. However, through his pictures, it is safe to assume that his height is around 5 feet and 9 inches to 5 feet 11 inches.

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