The news and media headlines are often increasing and on-trend regarding celebrity breakups and ending relationships after decades. But keeping aside the opposing sides and past, Joy McManigal and Giancarlo Esposito still share social bonding, which admires and sets examples for many.

Bounded together in 1955, they exchanged wedding vows with a promise not to leave each other’s hand under any condition. However, they kept their promise until 2015. The mystery of Joy and Giancarlo’s divorce has not been solved, but there is always a reason for anything that happens. So let’s find out the reason behind the divorce of Joy McManigal and Giancarlo Esposito after having 4 children.

What is Joy McManigal’s relationship with Giancarlo? 

The couple officially announced and married in 1955, the time when Giancarlo Esposito was at the peak of his success. As an actor and director, he has worked on numerous kinds of projects in his entire career. Some of the all-time hits include; Rabbit Hole, Breaking Bad, CSI: Miami, Law and Order, and many more. The actor also gave voice to some of the video games, like Payday 2 and Far Cry 6.

Joy McManigal and Giancarlo Esposito had unmeasurable love and respect for each other. Some even used to say that Joy and Giancarlo often made different kinds of couples. Together, they shared four adorable and beautiful daughters named Kale Lyn Esposito, Syrlucia Esposito, Ruby Esposito, and Lyra Esposito.

As the daughters were so close with their father, Giancarlo, they always used to share many pictures related to and captured with him. It proves that the father-daughter relationship is much stronger than the mother-daughter relationship.

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Is Joy and Giancarlo divorced?

After staying together for more than two decades, several misunderstandings started between Joy McManigal and Giancarlo. It has also been believed that Joy wanted to live her life in her conditions and wished to create a separate identity for herself. As a result, they appealed and signed the divorce papers in 2015 and separated officially. However, the actual truth behind the divorce has not been revealed by either side, and they do not even want to discuss it.

Therefore, a favorite couple of many fans worldwide has lived a separate life as of 2024. But besides their divorce, both Joy McManigal and Giancarlo Esposito share a loyal and friendly relationship.

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