Today we will be talking about nonother than Tory Kittles. Tory Kittles is a popular American writer, producer, and actor. Like any other actor and producer, he is famous for his different movies and television features. Born in America, he has done very well in the acting field. As a result, he has been able to earn quite a good fortune as his net worth.

Besides being a successful actor, Tory Kittles is also a qualified theatre writer and television producer. The middle-aged actor has his own Wikipedia and IMDB page where his notable works and projects are available for his fans to read. Due to the popularity of his recent television series, his fans are eager to know more about the actor. So, we will talk about everything related to his life as a part of his biography!

What is Tory Kittles Net Worth? All About His Earnings and Salary

Quick Facts
Full NameTory Kittles
Date of Birth2nd August 1975
BirthplaceLawtey, Florida, United States
Net worth$8 Million
Height6 feet and 2 inches
Zodiac SignLeo
ChildrenTwo Sons
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorBlack

Who Are Tory Kittles Family Members?

As of 2024, he is around the age of 48 years. He hails from Lawtey, Florida, United States, and was born on 2nd August 1975. Since he was born in America, he holds an American nationality card, and his ethnicity is African American. His sisters mostly raised him, but the name of his parents and sister is not revealed yet.

Who are there in Tory Kittles Family? Where is he From?

He also has one brother named Omar Kittles. But like his other family members, there is not much information regarding his brother. A rumor was that his father left his family when he was very little, but that information is not confirmed yet.

Tory Kittles
Tory Kittles at Venice Film Festival Via Instagram

Is Tory Kittles related to Denzel Washington?

If you put both stars together, it will be hard to identify each other in a glimpse. Tory Kittles has facial features similar to award-winning Hollywood actor Denzel Washington. He has been asked if they are related on numerous occasions, but he has denied all the claims. They are not related by any means else than their facial similarity.

Where did Tory go for high school studies?

His academic information is not quite clear to the internet. It is mainly because he has not shared any details about his education with the media. As we said earlier, he likes to keep some things private, and his academic details are one of those things. As far as we know, he might have studied something related to the field of theatre before joining in as an actor.

What are Tory Kittles Movies?

Tory Kittles has demonstrated his acting prowess across a diverse range of notable films, including “Malibu’s Most Wanted” (2003), “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” (2005), “Next” (2007), “Miracle at St. Anna” (2008), and “Dragged Across Concrete” (2018). However, it’s his compelling television roles that have truly solidified his status in the industry.

In the hit series “Sons of Anarchy” (2008–2011), he portrayed the character Laroy, and in “Colony” (2016–2018), he captivated audiences as Broussard. Kittles has also made memorable appearances in acclaimed shows such as “True Detective” (2014), showcasing his versatility and talent. Currently, he graces the screen as Detective Marcus Dante in “The Equalizer” (2021-present), further demonstrating his ability to command attention in both film and television.

As of March 18, 2024, Tory Kittles garnered 1,236 visits on Wikipedia, securing his position as the #4,919 most popular actor online. This recognition underscores his growing prominence and the increasing interest in his impressive body of work.

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Was Tory in True detective?

His films are one of the reasons why people are so much interested in his net worth. Tory’s most popular film was Bessie which went as one of the award-winning movies of 2015. His other most popular movie name is True Detective, where he worked as Thomas Papania. His movie Dragged Across Concrete is also well-loved by his fans.

However, if you are more of a television series fan, then you might as well know him as Larry from Sons of Anarchy. With so many good movies and television series under his name, it’s hard to pinpoint a few.

Tory Kittles
Tory Kittles, along with other actors Via IMDB

Who is Tory Kittles Wife?

Tory is a married man. Information about his marriage life is rather controversial. Since he has not revealed anything about his past realtionship, we don’t know who his wife is. However, the media knows that he had two sons with his past wife. Though the names are not mentioned, it is assumed that they had a good realtionship for over 4 years before breaking up.

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Does Tory Kittles have any social media accounts?

The 46-year-old actor is not that active on social media. He seems to be one of those actors who use social media very less in their spare time/ The middle-aged actor seems to be more focused on his acting than anything else. He has social media accounts on both Instagram and Twitter, but he has the very little following and engagement. His Instagram username is @torykittles, and he has 14.8k followers. Similarly, his Twitter username is @ToryKittles.

Tory Kittles
Tory Kittles bowtie and suit Via IMDB

What is the net worth of Tory Kittles?

Tory Kittles is a very diverse actor when doing any television series and movies. From him, he said that he likes being in front of a camera as it gives him confidence. So, to assume that the net worth of such a big celebrity is small might be a big mistake. He earns his money by working day and night in different television series and movies.

Tory also makes sure to be featured in different commercials to cut. So, after doing all of these features, how much is his net worth anyway? It turns out that Tory Kittles’s net worth is around $8 Million, and he earns $4 Million each year as his net salary.

What is the height of Tory Kittles?

He is pretty tall for a 46-year-old actor. However, he is one of those actors whose height makes them stand out. Tory Kittles is around 6 feet and 2 inches with a body mass of 80 kg. Born in an African-American ethnic family, he portrays black hair and black eye facial structure. Due to his hardworking nature, you might as well have guessed his zodiac sign to be Leo.

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