Success, Money, and Popularity are the three main elements one should gain; they are referred to as the most respectable person. A very similar scenario has come in headlines related to David Fornetti Net Worth and Earnings. Although TV series fans saw him in only one episode of The Curse of Oak Island, he amazed everyone with his most badass performance.

David Fornetti is one of four children of father John Fornetti and mother Terese Fornetti. Born and raised in a wealthy environment, David always got what he wanted and followed what he loved. As a result, after completing his Bachelor’s degree from Marquette University in Business Studies, he soon joined as a Production assistant at his university.

Who are David Fornetti Parents? Did They All Feature in Oak Island?

David Fornetti Net Worth
The Curse of Oakland Actor David Fornetti

However, David is not an actor or a huge celebrity model, but he brought life to The Curse of Oak Island, acting alongside his brother Peter Fornetti. In the TV show, a beloved cameo star has appeared as the nephew of Lagina’s siblings, Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina. Below let’s put some light on his current luxury status and income in a detailed way.

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Inside David Fornetti Staggering Net Worth!

No one ever explained how exactly David Fornetti became successful in multiple professions. Well, I must admit that people who can tackle stress and understand the formula of versatility are the ones who rise above the clouds. This statement can be clearly visible from David Fornetti Networth. He has an estimated fortune of more than $1.1 million in 2022. 

David Fornetti started his professional journey at his university, working as a production assistant. However, he further accumulated proficiency in Social Media Marketing, Public Speaking, and real-estate businesses. As a result, the man started making thousands of dollars per month. As per some online reports, Fornetti earns around $100K-120K per month from his various professions.

David Fornetti Net Worth
David Fornetti Net Worth

David was introduced into the media spotlight through his younger brother Peter Fornetti and friend William Castedo. He joined just to make a try in the entertainment industry without realizing that it could change his life forever. The actor charges around $100K per episode in the Curse of Oak Island. Moreover, there are also some rumors that the actor might appear in the upcoming season of the TV show too.

Spends a Lavish Life With His Family!

David Fornetti is now one of the most successful people who originate from the United States. He recently turned his love life into a happily married life with his wife, Abigail Kursabe. The two fixed their first date on the 20th of January 2019, and after two years of dating, they are finally married now. He tied his knot with Abigail on the 8th of May, 2021.

David Fornetti Net Worth
David Fornetti Family

David is the nephew of Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina. Therefore, he nowadays works alongside them in the production and direction field of the Hollywood Series. Moreover, the man owns a million-dollar house in Wisconsin and rides a white Mercedes and a BMW. We will reveal detailed information about his house and cars soon.

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