Sometimes working in a television show or a movie can take a twisty turn. It is because fans often refer to the actor’s real life as similar to the reel life. Even though they know that their lives are entirely different, sometimes this particular assumption puts a well-known star in a not-so-wanted Controversy. Similarly, today we have the opportunity to talk more about Tyler Labine Gay Controversy. We are going to fact-check all the necessary information which is available to the media.

Who is Tyler Labine Wife? Learn About His Marriage Life and Kids

Tyler Labine Gay
Tyler Labine in New Amsterdam Via Hollywoodlife

Tyler Sean Labine aka Tyler Labine, is a globally famous actor and comedian. Born on the 29th of April 1978 in Brampton, Canada, Tyler Labine has secured a good spot in the eye of the audience with popular cinema hits like Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil and others. If you want to learn more about his life, By clicking on the below link, You can check out our dedicated Biography on him! Being around 43 years old and having to finish over 103 features. Today we are going to discuss his allegations regarding his sexuality.

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Is Tyler Labine Gay in real life?

The rumor appeared on the internet when he started working on his most worked television series, “New Amsterdam.” In that particular television series, he acted as the character Dr. Iggy Frome. The following character in the story is a homosexual Psychiatrist. Tyler Labine played the next character for over 76 episodes from 2018 to 2022.

Tyler Labine Gay
Tyler Labine Via Instagram

Though he was well acclaimed as being a homosexual person in real life, he turned down all the rumors when he attended an interview. He cleared the confusion by saying, “I, myself, am not gay, but playing a gay character on TV is a tricky Territory.” He went on to further clarify how the doubts are making his status unstable. Though he explained that he is not gay, some fans still question his sexuality. We leave the rest for to judge!

His Wife answered Tyler Sexual Allegations!

When the rumor about him being gay started popping everywhere on the internet, Everyone in his household came to know about the following rumor. Though it was a very sensitive topic, his wife handled it quite easily by mentioning her ring and wedding photos. The so-called post reminded Tyler’s fans that he is a married man. Though the answer was a little indirect, it seems it hit the right spot.

Tyler Labine Gay
Tyler with his wife Via IMDb

Now that the allegations are finally disappearing! Fans still recall some of the episodes to have a good laugh. No matter the purpose, the rumor regarding his sexuality only stayed for a few weeks, and the continuation of the television show made the viewer realize how much of a different persona Tyler Labine was aside from the on-screen character.

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