As of early 2021, some rumors suggest Carrie Ruscheinsky, Tyler Labine Wife, divorced him. Rumors say the three children they had together stay with Carrie and often visit their father. As a man with numerous health problems and anxiety, he is having a real hard time, the rumors suggest.  He is also considered a gay man by many audiences.

In the television series New Amsterdam, Tyler Labine, who played “Dr. Ignatius Frome,” played a homosexual doctor who visits his patients. Many fans expressed doubts about his sexual orientation after the role. Is he gay or divorced? Continue reading the following article to know more about his spouse.

Is Tyler Labine Gay? Learn Real Sexuality of Iggy on ‘New Amsterdam’

Tyler Labine Wife
Tyler playing the role of Dr. Ignatius Frome

Tyler Labine Wife revealed

Tyler has a lovely and devoted wife, making him one of the luckiest men in the world. He married to well-known producer and actress Carrie Ruscheinsky in 2007. This proves the rumors about him being gay are wrong, and the media is just messing around with him. The couple survived more than a decade without any issues or marital disputes, but some websites suggest they got divorced in 2021. However, the rumor regarding the divorce is unsolved.

Tyler Labine Wife
Tyler and Carrie spotted together

Early in 2006, they supposedly started dating and got close because of their similar profession. More specifically, his wife portrayed Margaret Fearon in The X Files: I Want to Believe. In the short film Wendy, she also served as an associate producer. Similarly, Tyler is famous for acting in movies and series like Big Brain, Big Star, Startup, Escape Room etc.

All You Need To Know About Tyler Labine

Before Ruscheinsky, Tyler Labine was in at least one other relationship. Tyler Labine makes it a priority to keep his personal life out of the public spotlight and discuss it privately whenever asked about it. But we cannot find any information about his ex. Even the details about Labine and Ruscheinsky’s kid are not specified to the media until the date.

The BIG help from Ruscheinsky after eating disorder

Labine suffers from an eating disorder. He realized that he had never really sought therapy for his body dysmorphia or eating issues before his wife said something that is stuck with him forever. She warned him that he would never be satisfied with his appearance that way and that their children were negatively impacted by his eating habits. That is when he decided to get the assistance he has always required from a very young age.

Tyler had trouble eating and had also started drinking to numb the discomfort he was experiencing. He has been sober for more than three and a half years due to Carrie’s words and takes medication for anxiety. Labine receives talk therapy and has learned to discuss his feelings with his children and family. He is a great man who is achieving great things and someone who many people can look up to.

Tyler Labine Wife
Tyler, after getting checked for his eating disorder.

Tyler even attempted suicide when he was just 12 years old. He doesn’t elaborate on how he tried to do this, but he does mention that he was on the verge of death. In addition to how he felt as a young child with a weight problem, he was miserable, unhappy, and unsure of what to do with his life. Carrie also helped him with his major life decisions about his career and always supported him.

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