An American actress Teddi Siddall died at the age of 64 on February 4, 2018. She died in her residence in Studio City, California. However, the cause of the death of the actress is unknown. But, Just before Teddi Siddall’s death, she filed for divorce with her husband, Gary Cole.

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Exploring Gary Cole and Teddi Siddall Marriage

Gary Cole is also an actor, and the couple has been together for 25 years. Still, the couple’ did not go through the divorce when Teddi died. So, somehow couple was still living together when Teddi died. After her funeral, she lies in the cemetery of Forest Lawn, Los Angeles.

Before her death, It seems like Teddi Siddall and Gary were having problems with their marriage. In June 2017, Teddi filed for a divorce and also wanted financial support. But, Sadly, she passed away of natural cause. However, many people speculate otherwise.

What did Teddi Siddall Cole Died From? Learn More About Death

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What is the Teddi Siddall Cause of Death?

There has been no evidence for Teddi Siddall’s unnatural death, so we can say she died peacefully. Let’s face it. It is the sad reality of life. Maybe, she thought her life would be different after divorce. But she was no more in this world.

However, Gary was very supportive of her and was with her till the end of her life. Both were taking care of their daughter Mary Cole.

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Who is  Teddi Siddall Daughter?

The couple exchanged their wedding vows on March 8, 1992. Soon after a year, Teddi Siddall gave birth to a beautiful daughter Mary Leila Cole. However, Mary had a medical condition. She had Autism.

But, the couple was very caring about their daughter. At the time of Teddi’s death, she was 24 years old. Mary stayed with her father, Gary, after the tragic Teddie death. She still lives with her father in Illinois, USA. However, other personal details are unknown at the moment.

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