For many fans, how Teddi Siddall Cole died is still a mystery. On February 4, 2018, American actress Teddi Siddall passed away at the age of 64. She passed away in her Studio City, California, home. The actress’s cause of death, however, is unknown.

Cole is thought by many audiences to have murdered her. She filed for divorce just before she passed away, and the cause of her demise is still unknown and that is very controversial. To learn the cause of her passing, read the following article.

Teddi Siddall Cole Died
Cole couple filing a divorce

Did Cole murder Teddi?

They have been together for 25 years, and Gary Cole is also an actor. It appears that Gary and Teddi Siddall’s marriage was having issues before she passed away. Teddi requested financial support when she filed for divorce in June 2017. But regrettably, she died of natural causes. Cole, though, is thought to have committed the murder by many others who have alternate theories.

Many people believe that she sought money for her health checkup because she requested financial assistance prior to her death. Many individuals have therefore come to the conclusion that she had a chronic illness and died as a result of not having enough money for a checkup. While others speculate that Cole might have stopped getting the treatment since she filed a divorce against him. Many people have their own theories on how Teddi died.

Teddi Siddall Cole Died
Gray and Teddi on the red carpet

The actual reason behind How Teddi Siddall Cole Died

On March 8, 1992, the couple exchanged wedding vows. A beautiful daughter named Mary Leila Cole was born to Teddi Siddall just after one year of their marriage. Mary, however, had a health issue. She had autism. However, the parents carefully looked after her and constantly supported their daughter. These facts imply that they had a nice relationship and were happy as a couple.

We may conclude that Teddi Siddall Cole died peacefully because there is no evidence of Teddi’s unnatural death. Furthermore, there is no evidence to support Cole murdering his wife. Cole stood at her side right up till the final days of her life and gave her a lot of support. Till Teddi’s last breath, they were both caring for their daughter Mary Cole.

Teddi Siddall Cole Died
Gary with his daughter Mary

Perhaps, she believed that getting divorced would change her life, which is why she filed for divorce before her death. However, she passed away before getting to live independently. Her death has not been provided a clear explanation to the media until now.

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