The American guitarist and musician Mick Mars, mostly known for the lead guitarist in the heavy metal band Motley Crue. Apart from his musical background, he has a long list of relationships and past marriages. From that long list of his, today we will read the most beloved ex-wife of Mick that is Emi Canyn.

Yes, you heard it right! The famous American Singer previously in a marital relationship with Mick Mars. So sit back, have some popcorn, relax and scroll down to get everything about the Cause of Emi Canyn Death.

Mick Mars and Emi Canyn Marriage

Mick Mars was and still a great musician but Emi Canyn was also not less than him. She has beauty with an excellent voice, which made the crowd dance to her performance. Mick and Emi met during a musical event and eventually started dating. Hence, the love birds tied their knot on the 29th of September, 1990.

The newly married couple enjoyed their early marriage stages very happily. But the situation turned in a different direction as they started having conflicts. As a result the couple finally decided to be separated after 4 years of their marriage. Also, it was a bit easy for them as they did not have any kids. Hence, the love and relation of the two Musicians ended in 1994.

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Cause of Emi Canyn Death

After breaking up with Mick Mars, Emi started her own ways to be happy and prosperous. She was residing in Washington DC at her own House.

But as there is a saying “No one knows what happens next, or what tomorrow’s Sun brings for us.” Emi Canyn found lying unconsciously at her own House. Her whole body became cold and white with no breathing and living sign.

Emi died on the 25th of February 2017 at the age of Sixty-Two years. The Cause of Emi Canyn death is still unknown. Also, the investigation team had not spoken in more detail about whether it was a Suicide or Murder.

Emi Canyn was a beautiful soul as she had a great affinity with animals. When no one was with her bad times. Two owned puppies of her named Gizmo and Kujo were on her side and at the time of her death.