Being a global superstar isn’t as easy as we think. Everyone these days often talks about Socratis Otto Wife and is curious to know the actual truth behind his controversies. He has achieved so much name and fame in the entertainment industry with award-wining acting.

With that said, one can become his fan watching his most convincing roles like Justin Carmody in Young Lions, Adam in Dance Academy as Adam, Detective Robert Robertson in Home and Away, and a Transgender Woman in Wentworth. However, his role as Maxine Conway also created a lot of media craze, arising questions on his actual sexuality in real life.

Is Socratis Otto Gay or Straight? Explore His Sexuality Here

Socratis Otto Wife
Socratis Otto with Girlfriend Danielle Cormack

Socratis Otto came to this world on the 5th of May 1990 in Sydney and was raised in a very comfortable environment in Australia. He received all of his basic needs and initial education from Sydney and became a well-prepared man in the Acting industry. However, here we will mainly discuss Socratis Otto Wife and his Current lifestyle along with his partner.

Is Socratis Married to Danielle Cormack?

The Australian-Born famous Actor has a very mysterious lifestyle. He rarely shares any personal information with the media and has not interested in even having a QnA session with his fans. But, the man’s Instagram says a lot more about his current life happenings than the actor himself.

Yes, Socratis Otto has not married yet, or he has not officially made any announcements regarding this. But he is dating a gorgeous diva, an actress, and a talented lady, Danielle Cormack. According to the officials, the two sweethearts have been together since 2014. In addition, the actor has completed over seven years together which also arise doubt if they are already married. They even shared their screens in the TV show “Wentworth.”

Socratis Otto Wife
Danielle Cormack Shared a Beautiful Picture with Her Boyfriend Socratis Otto

Many fans often spotted them together having fun and kissing at the beautiful places in Australia. As a result, it created a hypothetical assumption saying Socratis Otto Wife is Danielle Cormack. However, the love story of the Australian star with New Zealand’s actress began from the saddening past of Danielle.

She was previously married to Pana-Hema, but due to their relationship conflicts, the two divorced in 2014. In addition, Danielle also has two children from his previous marriage, but it does not bother her current boyfriend, Otto. As a result, she found her feelings popping up for Socratis, and eventually, they started dating one another.

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Rumors About Socratis Otto Being Gay!

Otto has portrayed his most controversial role in the TV show Wentworth. He appeared as a Transgender Woman with the most convincing way to define the LGBTQ community. However, the role earned him a lot of fame and raised a question mark on his sexuality.

Socratis Otto Wife
Socratis Otto Portrayed Maxine Conway in the TV series

A rumor circulated saying Socratis Otto is Gay, but it turned out to be hoax news. Otto has spent a decent romantic life with his to-be wife in Sydney and soon reveals his married dates to his fans.

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