Yousuf Azami is an Afghani-American Actor and media celeb. He has done a good number of movies and television series. Yousuf is one of those actors who had a rough past but could mend it into a good future. His work often features War and crime-based movies and drama series. He is selected to do those television series because he is Muslim but knows how it feels to be in War. A now-owning Afghani terrorist group terrorized him.

Nevertheless, he managed to run away from the hell he was receiving and make a good living life out of himself. Did he receive hate for leaving his country? Maybe yes, but he ensured that he was loyal to his country and never pointed the finger at anyone. The only reason he left his country was due to the cruelty of his leaders. So, how did he manage to run anyway? Is he thinking of going back? What movies does he play in? & all of the questions we will answer in his biography!

Quick Facts
Full NameYousuf Azami
Date of BirthUnknown
Net worth$110k
Height5 feet and 8 inches
Zodiac SignUnknown
Children2 sons
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Yousuf Azami
Yousuf Azami IMDB Profile Picture Via IMDB

What is the age of Yousuf Azami?

There are no datils about his date of birth on the internet. He has not been interviewed that many times in the movie. Due to his smaller roles in the movie production, people know nothing about it. Though we don’t know his birthdate, it seems that he is around the age of 55 to 60.

We all know his birthplace is Afghanistan, and he currently resides in the United States. However, we cant pinpoint his current city due to his privacy reasons.

From Where did Yousuf get his education?

Yousuf Azami studied his primary education from his country’s capital Kabul. Yousuf was always a bright individual and was responsible for making numerous decisions. However, his education turned upside down when the Taliban invaded his country.

Nevertheless, he had to leave everything related to his studies and do everything as said by the terrorist group in Afghanistan. Back in America, He still has to disclose anything about his academic details to the media yet!

Did Yousuf Azami play in real-life heroes?

He did not play in In real-life heroes drama television series. An offensive part of the cast often surrounded his work. His first movie was moon base in 1997. He played Red, who is the cast of Chookie Sibuo in the movie. Besides, he has played the Afghanistan war film, Horse Soldiers, where he also got injured.

Yousuf has explained in numerous interviews that he wanted to pursue a media career to show the dreadful life of the Afghani people in Afghanistan. He even poured his heart and soul when he worked as Taliban leader in Brothers movie realized in 2009.

Yousuf Azami
Yousuf Azami with chris hemsworth Via Instagram

Did Yousuf Azami return to Afghanistan?

After everything was settled down in Afghanistan and when the government took power, Yousuf Azami went to Afghanistan to visit his family. He said that he missed each and everything aspect of Afghanistan except one.

However, after visiting his home, he continued to do different movies and television series. He did this because when he went home, the people of Afghanistan treated him just like some superhero.

Does Yousuf Azami have kids?

Yousuf Azami has not disclosed any details about his marital life for affairs. We also don’t know if he has a wife or kids. From his face and looks, it seems that he is getting pretty old, and he has a family. However, Yousuf has not resolved anything about that matter to the media. One reason is that old Asian people are private about their lives.

Does he use social media?

He is a fully hearted Afghani and loves to promote his culture through his Instagram. However, he has never uploaded anything related to himself. He seems to be the type of person who likes motivating his followers.

Yousuf Azami is seen posting different Arabic or Muslim quotes and speeches on his Instagram. He even uses a different photo from his movie projects to let his fans know about the movies he is working on.

Yousuf Azami
Yousuf Azami in brothers Set Via IMDB

What is the net worth of Yousuf Azami?

His net worth is private because he has never read about how much he earns from any movie or television series. Moreover, in Asian countries, realving about one’s wealth is also a bad practice.

So, if we are to calculate, he has done over 15+ movies and television series combined as of 2022, some of which are still in production. If in each movie, he is given at least 10k for his acting, he would still make a net worth of 110k out of himself. He should be earning this amount if he works at least 3 to 4 features per year.

What is the height of Yousuf?

Yousuf has a tall and masculine Muslim body and looks inherited from his ethnicity. He has a perfect athletic body with black hair on both his mustache and head. He seems to have a black eye with a fair face and a height of 5 feet and 8 inches. Though we know about his height from his visuals through IMDB, we still don’t have any information about his Zodiac Sign.

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