For decades, John Megna has kept us entertained playing Harold Denton in Naked City, Dill Harris in To Kill a Mockingbird, Ritchie in Look Up and Live, and Pluto in The Blue Knight. However, Megna’s fan-favorite character, Little Boy in Star Trek, Arthur Rose in The Cannonball Run, has made him popular and contributed heftily to John Megna Net Worth. 

John Megna was birthed on 9 November 1952, Queen, New York, to his parents Ralph W Megna and Eleanor McGinley. Megna became raised as a single child of his father and mother. During his early childhood years, the man becomes a member of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He completed his graduation in theatre dramas and performing arts.

Was John Megna Married? Learn If He Was Gay and All About His Partner

John Megna Net Worth
American Star Actor John Megna

John Megna started showing his extraordinary acting skills at 6. However, his thirst to become a global star was never fulfilled. As a result, he pushed himself into a hardworking and passionate person on the set. Therefore, from debuting from the role of Rufus in The Ed Sullivan Show to gaining immense love for Little Boy in Star Trek, he came all along breaking different records.

John Megna’s Net Worth Revealed!

The child actor who has got bigger dreams in Hollywood, who has worked very hard till his entire life giving us a full entertainment package, has made an attractive fortune for himself. John Megna Net Worth has estimated at around $700,000 before his death.

He has exposed himself to the golden era of his career from 1961-to 1984. It was a most thriving professional journey for himself. Similarly, John has owns many a highly luxurious mansion in New York and three vintage cars. However, he has not disclosed detailed information about those in the media.

John Megna Net Worth
John Megna Net Worth And Earnings as a Child Actor Via.

John Megna most hit TV shows like Police Woman, Skag, The Godfather Saga, Insight, I Spy, and Star Trek has worldwide collections of more than millions. As per some online records, John was being paid a whopping $80K per episode in later seasons.

However, the actor’s movies have not been slouched or boring either. Besides, he was all the way popular for what he is and his ability to entertain the mass. Though the actor has ever connected to someone termed girlfriend or wife, he always mentioned himself as a Gay but a most wanted entertainer amongst his fans.

Was John Megna Married? Learn If He Was Gay and All About His Partner

Died Due to AIDS Complications!

To Kill a Mockingbird Actor John Megna was one of the greatest entertainers of his era. He has given many super-hit TV shows and movies, which made $100 million of business over the world’s entertainment market. But besides those successes and popularity, he was battling an incurable disease, AIDS.

John Megna Net Worth
John Megna Died at 42 Because of AIDS

It has still unknown how he became diagnosed with AIDS, but the complications led him to bury him in the graveyard at a very early age. John Megna’s cause of death is his AIDS complications. It took John’s life on 4 September 1995 at Midway Hospital, Los Angeles. He was just 42 Years-of Age when he left this world.

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