Casey Starsiak lives a life no less than a celebrity. After his beloved daughter, Mina Starsiak made her appearance on the TV show Good Bones, the whole lifestyle of the Starsiak family turned into a reputed family in Indiana. But, the main media highlighted point of today’s article is Who is Casey Starsiak Wife at present?

Casey Starsiak is an ordinary American Orthopedic Surgeon. He was birthed in 1949 in Indiana, USA, and is currently 73 years old. There is no further information about his childhood but it is obvious the old man had an ordinary childhood with his parents & siblings.

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Casey Starsiak Wife
American Celebrity Father Casey Starsiak

The celebrity Papa of Good Bones actress possesses ancestral origin from Eastern Europe. Being brought up in a Catholic family, the man earned his Medical education from a reputed Institution called Northwestern University. Working as an Orthopedic all of his life, Casey rose to magnificent fame because of his talented children. Let’s explore his personal part of life in depth.

Is Casey Starsiak Current Wife Missy Starsiak?

Casey Starsiak has always been an open book regarding his profession but equally secretive when it comes to his personal life. He found his love in a gorgeous lady Missy after so many years of staying single. Casey Starsiak current wife Missy Starsiak is a corporate worker in Indiana.

Casey Starsiak Wife
Casey Starsiak And His Family Via.

There is no information on how they met or when they held her marriage ceremony. But the duo has a blissful love life as Casey went through two unsuccessful marriages in the past. Also, Missy is the third wife of the professional Orthopedic Surgeon. But they have not shared any children together.

Casey Had Two Marriages But Divorced

Previously, Casey was married to an American actress Karen Laine & Cheryl but had heartbreaking divorces with them. Extracting information from the sources, the surgeon had two unsuccessful marriages in the past. He married to his first love aka first wife Karen Laine.

Karen is an American actress and former US attorney. According to the tabloids, the two met when Karen came for her surgery of bones at Casey’s Hospital. Soon they fell in love and eventually tied in marital life. They had a long peaceful and romantic married life for nearly a decade.

Casey Starsiak Wife
Casey Starsiak Ex-wife Karen and Daughter Mina Starsiak Hawk Via.

Both Casey and his wife welcomed three children, William Starsiak, CR Starsiak, and Mina Starsiak Hawk. However, they split after their divorce finalizes in the late 90s. But even after the divorce, the two remained good friends and decided to raise their kids together.

After Karen, Casey married his second wife, Cheryl Starsiak. The two were in their 40s when they started dating and eventually got married after some months. With Cheryl, Casey Starsiak became a father of two talented children, Tad Starsiak and Jess Starsiak.

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Unfortunately, Casey’s second wife died leaving his kids with him. The reason for her death is still unrevealed though they had a great-strong romance between them. After Cheryl’s death, Tad becomes distant from his father but he has a great relationship with his step-brothers & sisters.

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