Many audiences want to know if Tad Starsiak from Good Bones is gay. Although Tad Starsiak is rumored to be married, many of his fans are still unsure about the gender of his spouse. He stole the limelight from the hit series Good Bones. He had the spotlight before for much other work, even for Casey Starsiak his stepmother, and Mina Starsiak Hawk his half-sister.

Tad Starsiak’s sexuality is a hot topic for many of his fans; hence, many people are eager to learn about it further. Are the fan’s theories that he is gay accurate? Stay tuned to this article to learn about Tad Starsiak’s partner.

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Tad Starsiak Gay
Tad and the shirts designed by him (Source: Weekly Magazine)

Is Tad Starsiak gay?

The fact that Christina Eslinger, Tad Starsiak’s girlfriend, is now dating him romantically indicates that he is not gay. His girlfriend, Christina, is a real estate broker and businesswoman who maintains the TalkToTalker Instagram profile. Through shared friends, they got united.

After dating for a while, they declared their relationship public on October 29, 2019, through an Instagram post. Ever since time, this pair has been spending a joyful and lovely life together without any indications of a breakup or separation. Tad has never been related to any accusations or issues relating to his private life, and his past relationships and romantic endeavors are similarly unknown.

Tad Starsiak Gay
Deleted Instagram post of Tad and her Girlfriend (Source: Weekly Magazine)

Our study indicates that, as of 2024, Tad has still not been proposed. The probable Tad Starsiak’s future wife has been featured on “Good Times” many times. However, they have not yet discussed their plans for the relationship in the future.

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Why did Tad delete the Instagram post?

Tad Starsiak recently deleted the couple’s photos from his Instagram profile. The fans have been extremely surprised by this. Many rumors also suggest that they broke up. Does deleting pictures indicate that they are no longer in a relationship, or is it possible that they wanted to protect their privacy and went silent?

Tad Starsiak Gay
Tad, in an interview (Source: Weekly Magazine)

Well, everything is possible, as we can only speculate for the time being until the young man says it out loud. As a result, it is unclear what his current romantic situation is. He might be seeing someone or be open to dating.

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