It’s always exciting to keep searching about a celebrity you admire or follow the most. A similar case goes with our celebrity kid who is hidden in the shadows of his father’s popularity, Devo Keenan. Although you might recognize him now because of his last name, “Keenan,” if not then, he is the one and only son of Maynard James Keenan.

Devo Keenan was born to a well-established and wealthy family. His father is a famous lyricist of the rock band Tool and A Perfect Circle, while her birth mother and ex-wife of his father is Jennifer Brena Ferguson. So let’s find out how much he earns being a star kid or Devo Keenan Net Worth in 2021?

How Rich is Devo Keenan in 2021?

Devo Keenan shares millions of dollars of fortune and enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. Apart from his father’s accumulated property and money, the musician and cellist Devo Keenan Net Worth is around $200,000 as of 2021. Additionally, he receives an average salary of $62K-$70K per year through his career as a cellist.

Though he is a rising talent in the musical entertainment world, Devo Keenan has already chosen to make his career as a cellist. Additionally, he earned some credits on Ashes Divide Debut’s album ‘Keep Telling Myself It’s Alright’ in 2008 as a cellist.

Before entering his current musical journey, Maynard James Keenan’s son Devo H. Keenan also earned his quantum mechanics and relativity theory proficiency. Though he was later influenced by his father’s music and began to perform in live shows, he started learning about the wine business and music.

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Grown-up under the Musical Environment of Dad Maynard

Primarily, Devo Keenan is a cellist. He began playing bass instruments like Violin. Furthermore, when he started having a familiarity with the tools, the boy associated with father Maynard’s side project ‘Puscifer.’

Additionally, Devo showed his vital involvement in the album “Money Shot,” created with the band Puscifer. Hence, the father-son duo began and resulted in performances and concerts, including songs like Humbling River.

Who Is Maynard James Keenan Son? How’s the Father-Son Relationship?

In an interview with Devo, he explained how excellent and fruitful his experience was with his dad. The father-son bond is mainly as the best friends bond in real. The memories and experienced he gathered from all these years of hard work will surely be worth it for him. Devo Keenan dreams of achieving much more success and money than his father; Maynard James left him behind for his son Devo Keenan.

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