Twiggy Tallant, a Canadian-born Actress, Model, and Automotive Fabricator known for appearing in the Vegas Rat Rods Reality TV show. The show has telecasted from the 1st of October, 2018, in which she appeared in season 1 and season 2 in all episodes.

However, Twiggy left the modeling and is currently focused on her automotive shop of Welder Up situated in Las Vegas. She is also famous by the name of ‘Nerdy Stripper.’ Let’s dive into this biography to know more about Tallant’s professional and personal life in detail.

Quick Facts
NameTwiggy Tallant
Birth4th June, 1988
Age33 Years
Net Worth$1 Million
In a relationship withJazmine
Height 5 feet 5

Early Age

Twiggy Tallant was born on the 4th of June 1988 in a wealthy Canadian family. She grew up and raised in Toronto, Ontario, under the shadow of an unknown father and mother, Paula Tallant. Twiggy shares a strong bond with Brianne Foulkes.

Reportedly, the actress, when she reached 11, moved to England with her mother and sister, where she initially began to join her education. She completed her high school at George Brown College and studied at the University of Leeds as of 2021.

Started Career as an Exotic Dancer

Twiggy Tallant has worked as an exotic dancer in Las Vegas. However, after completing her course in Rad Rods, she began working in Welder Shop with Steve Darnell in the same city. But later left the welder up to start her own business. Additionally, she has also been hired for a Car Event Show where she talked about her shimmering future.

The event was the reason Twiggy fall in love with Rat Rods. As a result, she decided to research Rat Rods and eventually came to meet with Stony Smith, the automotive director course in Ontario.

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Additionally, Tallant pursued her dream career, appearing in Season 1 and Season 2 of Rat Rods Reality TV show. Apart from Rat Rods, the girl also showed her appearance and rose to prominence because of her first-ever transgender superhero in the “Supergirl” TV series.

Relationship with Childhood Friend

Twiggy Tallant is popular and publically known by a Nerdy Stripper. She posted her first blog on Tumblr, mentioning herself as Nerdy Stripper with the caption “This Is Me” in 2012. The actress of Rat Rods used to post her revealing pictures and cosplay costumes on her Instagram posts.

According to some online reports, Twiggy Tallant has a long-term childhood friend she loves and admires the most. After grown up, they made massive memories together and currently staying together in a relationship.

During 2019’s, Twiggy Tallant has revealed her girlfriend’s name on her one of the blogs, saying that “Of 52 positions, Jazmine and I would only do 22. Are we prudes?”. As of 2021, Twiggy and Jazmine are in a romantic relationship but did not been married yet.

Social Media

Twiggy Tallant, aka, NerdyStripper is active on Social Networking sites. She has around 57.6K followers on Instagram’ @thenerdystripper’ and has over 14.2K followers on Twitter’ @nerdystripper’.

Apparently, the lady also has another Twitter account with her name ‘@Twiggy Tallant’ having 6.1K followers. Besides that, Tallant has an active Facebook account with over 64.4K followers on it.

Net Worth

The passionate and determined Twiggy Tallant never learned to give up even though she faced many hard times in her life. As a result, she stands in a successful position in her career and is rich too. She has an estimated net worth of around $1 Million in 2021.

Physical Appearance

Twiggy Tallant has not that tall; she approximately stands at 5 feet 5 inches of height, whereas her body is around 62 Kilogram. She has a beautiful pair of shiny dark brown colored eyes and dark brown colored hair. Besides this, there is no information disclosed about her body measurements.

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