Josh Stamberg

If you love watching Hollywood movies like Crazy Little love, Fracture, A lot like Love e.t.c you might have noticed a long, white, and handsome American guy with excellent acting skills. He is no other than Josh Stamberg. For your assistance in recognizing him, we have his picture below. He has worked in many movies, […]

Selena Anduze

Selena Anduze is a famous Hollywood model/actress who is the youngest daughter of three children. She is originally from the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix. Also a well-known producer in the entertainment industry. She has graduated bachelor’s in arts from Wesleyan University. She had done a Master/Ph.D. in Health Sciences from Clayton College. Selena […]

Athena Perample

Women are stronger than what our society portrays them to be. They’re capable of doing almost everything, but if given a chance, they can do better. Similarly, we will talk about a popular American stuntwoman from your popular movies. Athena Perample is a Professional stunt woman based in Los Angeles. She is well known for […]

Shane Berengue

Shane Berengue is an American actor and film personality. He is known for his popular movies and television series features. He seems to be around the film industry for over six years now. Shane started his career in 2017 by doing several acting gigs. His most famous feature includes Tactical S.W.O.R.D. Agent in Wandavision, German […]

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