Kelcey Mawema

The famous TV romantic-comedy series ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ showed us many great-potential actors whose flawless acting marked the fans’ expectations. If you have watched the TV show, then there is no chance you have not noticed Kelcey Mawema as Emily in All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. scarpe tata marella black friday alberto […]

Jordan Burtchett

Filled with extreme talent and charm Jordan Burtchett is an American-Canadian actor with several superhits. He has acted in movies like Drinkwater, 2 Hearts, The Sweetest Heart, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Meanwhile, his best TV shows are Heartland, Supernatural, and The Killings. Jordan Burtchett made his official debut in the industry in […]

Trezzo Mahoro

Trezzo Mahoro is a Canadian actor who got famed after his absolute performance in “To all the boys ‘ve love.” He is a talented young actor who earned experience working in iZombie. Trezzo has renowned himself for acting in SyFy’s Magicians and SyFy’s Van Helsing. Trezzo’s real name is Oliver Mahoro Smith, and he was […]

Emilija Baranac

Emilija Baranac is a popular Canadian actress and model. If you have watched The CW popular series Riverdale, you must know this actress. The actress is popular for her debut in Midge Klump and To All the boy’s I’ve loved before series. Emilija began her career as a child actress, and till now, she has made […]

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