Tyron Leitso

We will add yet another celebrity to the list of Canadian actors. Today in our coverage, we’re talking about Tyron Leitso. Tyron Leitso is a popular Canadian actor well-known for his television series, House of Dead. Even though he has done several movies and television series throughout his career, he seems popular for this particular […]

Rainer Andreesen

Rainer Andreesen is a Canadian actor, model, and artist who has a large fanbase around the world. To many people, he may be the husband of actor Victor Garber but for those who know him through his work, he is a great inspiration. Mainly he is known for his artistic works, portraits, and illustrations. Despite […]

Who is Tyron Leitso Wife? Is He Married Yet? Learn About His Partner

Tyron Leitso is someone who has an impressive portfolio of superhit TV shows and Movies. The actor has flawlessly shown his skills playing the roles like Simon in House of the Dead, Eric Gotts in Wonderfalls and Karl Scott in Dinotopia. Although we have much more to add to his professional achievements, we will discuss […]

Elaine Starchuk

A model, dancer and a most demanded Canadian lady Elaine Starchuk always stayed a limelight queen. Her fans even know her by Honey and Candice Starrek, an ex-wife of formerly known musician Tommy Lee. Even though Elaine has not gained many fans and fame from her career, she has already become the talk of the town […]

Emilija Baranac

Emilija Baranac is a popular Canadian actress and model. If you have watched The CW popular series Riverdale, you must know this actress. The actress is popular for her debut in Midge Klump and To All the boy’s I’ve loved before series. Emilija began her career as a child actress, and till now, she has made […]

Moni Ogunsuyi

Moni Ogunsuyi is an average Canadian actress and media celeb. She is known for her work in different movies and television series. Though she has mostly worked as filler and pathway characters, her model-based looks have stunned everyone. She is a very talented actress and has been working in the media industry for over 4 […]

Dara Tomanovich

Dara Tomanovich is a popular Canadian model, actress, and CEO. She is well known for her acting roles in Bar hopping, pups, and more. Dara is also known for her feature in several magazines photoshoots. If you can tell, she specializes in innovative and creative arts and artists. She is currently working as a full-time […]

Catherine Paiz

In the present world of Fashion and Social Media trends, people often become popular for their creative and entertaining content. Catherine Paiz also rose from a similar scenario. She is a Canada-born model and YouTuber known for her channel “The ACE Family.” Currently, the woman has gained millions of likes and subscribers on her YouTube. […]

Amber Goldfarb

Amber Goldfarb is a prominent Canadian actress, producer, and model famous for her appearance as Nicole Weston in the TV movie ‘My Mother’s Killer Boyfriend.’ In addition, her roles in Appiness, Guidestones, Lost Girl, and Helix were also listed as her most remarkable achievement of all time. Amber has won the Best Actress award for her […]

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