Sometimes Life can be miserable for someone, whereas someone doesn’t care about it like it’s nothing. For some people, it is very hard to live a normal daily life. Those who suffer daily are people suffering from cancer and other Diseases. Similarly, today we will talk more about a popular Actress and comedian named Susie Cusack. Susie Cusack is a popular American comedian and Actress famous for her roles in Short Cuts, High Fidelity, Not Again, and others. 

Even though she started her career in 1992, she could only work for a certain period. Her recent appearance in the television industry was seen in the movie The Company in 2003. After that, due to Cancer and lack of passion, she has not been in any movies or television series. After fighting Cancer for so long, she was rumored to pass away on June 5th, 2022 finally. Hence, in today’s biography, we will shed some light on her Life and learn more about those rumors.

Quick Facts
Full NameSusie Cusack
Date of Birth24th of May 1971
BirthplaceEvanston, United States
RelationshipMarried to Kaushik Sudarsan(Rumored)
Net worthUnknown
Height5 feet and 8 inches
Zodiac SignCancer
SiblingsBill, Ann, Joan and John Cusack
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
Father's nameDick Cusack
Mother's NameAnn Paula Cusack

Susie Cusack
Susie Cusack in her beginning Days Via IMDb

What was Susie Cusack Age before she died? 

As far as her current age is concerned, she is around 51 years old. On May 24th, 1971, Susie Cusack was born in Evanston, United States. Growing up, she held an American nationality card, and her ethnicity is Caucasian. She had an amazing childhood, which her father, Dick, and her mother, Ann Paula Cusack, offered. Moreover, she also had four siblings named Bill, Ann, Joan and John. 

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Where did Susie receive her education? 

As far as her primary education is concerned, she completed her primary and secondary education by studying through local schools and colleges. After graduating from her local schools in college, I attended Lesley University to learn more about marketing.

If you want to learn more about herself through the university, you search her interview on google as she has given an exclusive interview with that university. Since she didn’t have that much passion for acting, she left the industry early in 2003. 

How do Susie Cusack and Tig Notaro know each other? 

Susie Cusack is not related to Tig Notaro at all. It seems that she shares the same name, just like her mother. Mathilde’s mother is the mother of the American comedian and Bi-actress named Tig Notaro. Tig Educated an entire documentary on herself, on the remembrance of her mother.

She reveals how much she loved her mother and dedicated a full coverage on the name of Susie Cusack in 2019. However, as far as the detail about our Susie Cusack is concerned, it seems that she is not related to Tig.

Susie Cusack
Susie Cusack and her family Members Via CelebXYZ

How did Susie Cusack Die? 

While scrolling through the different sites around the Internet, we knew that Susie might have had Cancer for a long time. When we searched for the detail regarding her obituary, we learned that Susie Cusack cause of death might be due to a long-time untreated illness.

Even though this detail is illustrated by only one website, people think she might have passed away recently, on June 5th, 2022. Other than the information regarding her death, we certainly don’t have any evidence supporting this statement. 

Who is Susie Cusack Husband?

Since she is not quite popular on the Internet, people don’t know about her love life. Previously, she was rumored to be in a relationship with a cast member of a television show, but that was false. As of now, different signs point out that she might be married to Kaushik Sudarsan.

On the other hand, Kaushik is the Senior Vice president of Analytics at Northern Trust Corporation. Even though we certainly have some rumors pointing out that she might be married to Kaushik, we don’t have any evidence. Hence, it is hard to pinpoint anything at the moment.

Susie Cusack
Susie Cusack Via Getty

What was Susie Cusack weight before her death? 

Add spot as the detail about her weight is a concern. She was around the weight of 70 kilograms before she died. Other than that, it seems that her height is around 5 feet and eight inches, and She resembles a typical Caucasian facial structure with blonde hair and blue eyes. Since there are different rumors about her death around this time, we cannot certainly say anything related to her health at the moment. Finally, it seems that has zodiac sign is Cancer. 

What is Susie Cusack Net Worth? 

As we said already, due to lack of media coverage, we could not calculate any details regarding her income sources. She used to work in the film industry as an Actress to generate a certain revenue back in the day. After she left the industry in 2003, we could not track her other income sources.

As far as we are concerned, she kept her comedian growing for a certain time, then started joining educational fields. Due to a lack of information regarding her income sources. We were not able to calculate her net worth. 

Does Susie have any social media accounts? 

After Susie left the film industry in 2003, the media didn’t give her the needed attention. Her role in High Fidelity was very beloved among the fans. Even though we tried searching more about her social media accounts under her name, the only accounts we were able to gather were from strangers. Hence, we can conclude that currently, she doesn’t have any social media account.

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