Caroline Estabrook, daughter of famous Megan Boone and Dan Estabrook, was born on 15 April 2016. She is six years old as of 2022 and enjoying her lavish life with her family. Caroline’s mother is a professional actress, and her father has remarkable talent in painting and photography.

Caroline Estabrook is young and beautiful and living in a fortunate family in New York since childhood. She is the only daughter of Megan Boone, known for playing FBI agent Elizabeth Keen on the NBC drama series The Blacklist. 

All You Need To Know About Her Father Dan Estabrook

NameCaroline Estabrook
Date of BirthApril 15, 2016
Place of BirthNewYork City
Father's nameDan Estabrook
Mother's nameMegan Boone
EthnicityAmerican father
Dutch Mother
Net Worth$3 million (mother)
$500k (father)

What is Caroline Estabrook Age?

Caroline’s mother, Megan Boone, was three months pregnant when she had a shoot for Balklist. Her pregnancy was revealed to the public in November 2015 while she attended a small interview. But she tried to keep her pregnancy a secret until the child’s birth. Caroline made her first step in New York City, U.S.

Moreover, months later, the couple engaged on 5 April 2016, a week before the birth of Caroline Estabrook. In May, Megan shared the picture of Carolin’s feet on her Instagram. Caroline is 7 years old as of Febraury 2024.

The celebrity child has Dutch and Scottish heritage on her mother’s side and English origin on her father’s. Specifically, Caroline worships Christianity in an American lifestyle.

Caroline Estabrook
Caroline Estabrook, daughter of Megan Boone

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Who is Caroline Estabrook Mother?

As we all know, Megan Boone perfectly played the character of deputy district lawyer Lauren Stanton on the series of NBC’ Law and Order: LA’. Megan was born and raised in her hometown village, Florida. Later, she attended Belleview High School to pursue her acting career and received her diploma in 2001.

Moreover, Megan gained additional acting training at Florida State University’s School of Theatre and Asolo Repertory Theatre. She is now known for best in her work and is recognized worldwide. As for her acting career, she gave her debut performance in the play Limonade Tous Les Jours, which earned her LW Weekly Theater Awards.

Caroline Estabrook
Estabrook family on caroline’s first birthday

What hobbies interest Caroline?

Caroline, the only daughter of a professional painter, definitely learned painting at a young age. Furthermore. Dan uploaded Caroline’s photo painting canvas on his Instagram. Usually, she seems happy and interested in portraits.

Despite Megan and Dan being busy in their professional life, they manage to spend their time with their daughter on weekends and holidays. Furthermore, the relationship between daughter and mother is joyful and usually witnessed together in public. In a 2020 report by Blacklist, they were together playing in joy and enjoying the rain.

Are Caroline Estabrook Mom And Dad Married?

Caroline’s parents, Megan and Dan, were engaged in 2016, but their marriage is yet to be confirmed. In 2016, they invited a few family and friends members and shared their ring in Megan’s hometown. The couple isn’t legally married and hasn’t confirmed if they shared their vow.

Some of the reports say that they secretly married after their engagement before the birth of their only daughter, Caroline.

Caroline Estabrook
Megan Boone with her husband, Dan Estabrook

What is Caroline Height?

Estabrook is six years old beautiful girl. She has fair skin and a bit of a round face. Caroline seems healthy and fit and often does yoga with her mother and father. Her parents take good care of her physical and mental health. Moreover, Caroline looks beautiful with her brown eyes and dark brown-blonde hair. Moreover, other information about her height, weight and measurement is still confidential by her parents.

What is Caroline Estabrook Net Worth?

Caroline’s mom, Megan, is an astonishing actress and earned a fortune of around $3 million, and her father, Dan, has gathered around $500k in his lifetime. Furthermore, she is the only daughter, so she enjoys a luxurious lifestyle in a mansion with her family.

Is Caroline Instagram Active?

Six years old Caroline has her own social media account managed by her mother, Megan. She often shares some snaps of her daughter on Instagram but never reveals the face of the child until her first birthday. On 15 April 2017, on the occasion of Caroline’s birthday, her mom, Megan, shared a special short video celebrating together and uploaded it on her Instagram.

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