Suppose you guys are not familiar with Legacies’s popular vampire television drama. Then it seems that you might as well be living under the rock. The popular vampire drama television show is one of the most trending Vampire shows worldwide. Even though we cannot cover every celebrity in that particular television series. Today we have decided to cover more about the main Protagonist from a television show named Hope Mikaelson. 

Hope Mikaelson, as explained by the Legacies television show, is the Tribrid daughter of a vampire and Werewolf. The whole Legacies television show is based around her as she explores her powers in the world. The popular television series was first released in 2018 and ran till 2022. The series consists of over 68 episodes and has been Nominated for three awards. Now that we know a little bit about the series let us learn about the Protagonist.

Quick Facts
Full NameHope Mikaelson
Date of Birth2nd May 2012
BirthplaceNew Orleans, United States of America
Net worth$4 million
Height5 feet and 3 inches
Zodiac SignHope(Virgo), Danielle~Actress(Scorpio)
SiblingsMarcel Gerard
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorBlue
Father's nameNicholas Mikaelson
Mother's NameHayley Marshall Kenner

Hope Mikaelson
Hope Mikaelson in Legacies Via YouTube

How old is Hope Mikaelson? 

As far as the birth details of the popular Protagonist are concerned, it seems that she was born back on 2nd May 2012 in New Orleans, United States of America. The Protagonist’s Nationality seems to be American, and her ethnicity is rather mixed due to her parents. The television show sees the daughter of Nicholas Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall Kenner. We also learned that her grandparents’ names are Ansel and Esther in the television series.  

Who plays Hope Mikaelson in Legacies? 

In the legacies television show, Hope Mikaelson is played by none other than Danielle Rose Russell. Hope Mikaelson real name is Danielle Rose Russell. Danielle Russell is an American actress born on 31st October 1999 in New Jersey, United States.

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As far as the details about her parents are concerned, she is the daughter of mother Rosemary and father Ricky. Moving up, she is already around the age of 22 and shares an American nationality card, and her ethnicity is Caucasian. 

What is Hope educational background? 

But information about her educational details has not been that clear on the Internet. As far as the television series story plot is concerned, she currently studies in her high school. Within her high school, she faces many problems for which she tries to find a solution through her powers. Let us see what her life uncovers since the series continues. 

Hope Mikaelson
Hope Mikaelson in Legacies Via IMDb

Will Hope Mikaelson become a vampire in Season 4? 

If you guys are well aware, she is a Tribid species of her family. As written in her brother’s fanfiction, she is the product of a witch, a Vampire and finally, Werewolf. After celebrating her 18th birthday, it is rumored that she might die at the beginning of season 4.

Even though we are keeping you away from these spoilers, she might as well transition into Vampire in season 4. Since these spoilers are rather fictitious, we hope you watch this season four to learn more about it. 

Who is Hope Mikaelson boyfriend in Legacies? 

The detail about her boyfriend is rather mixed up. It is because, in the popular television series, she sees it sharing a lovable bond with her partner, Landon. However, while searching, we realized that their relationship had ended. Their relationship ended when her boyfriend was killed to save hope.

After Landon died, this story started bringing his brother Rafael into the picture. As far as the television series plot is concerned, it seems that she will soon fall in love with Landon’s brother.

Does Danielle Rose Russell have any social media accounts? 

Yes, the actress portraying the character of Hope Mikaelson does have her own social media account. Among her social media accounts on different platforms, she is more popular on Instagram. She uses Instagram with the username @danitheellrose and has over 2.2 million followers.

Hope Mikaelson
Hope Mikaelson Via Instagram

However, one surprising thing about her social media is that she doesn’t follow any celebrities or anyone. Even more shocking is that she has only 47 posts in total. You can check out her Instagram to learn more about the father-daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hope Mikaelson, along with other cast members.

What is Hope Mikaelson net worth? 

The popular actress of Hope Mikaelson has made a good amount of fortune by working in a single American television feature. Though she is very young in the industry, her acting Excelled in the popular Vampire Fiction story. Even though the actress herself has never revealed any details about her net worth, she earns around $4 million as her net worth every year. 

What is Hope Mikaelson height? 

Danielle is famous for her role as Hope Mikaelson because she is around 5 feet and three inches. Other than that, we also knew that her body weight was around 59kgs. As you already know, she also fits in the vampire fictional television show because of her Caucasian facial structure.

If we have to talk about our facial features, it seems that her hair is brown and her eyes are blue. In the television show, Hope Mikaelsons Zodiac sign is Virgo, whereas the actress’s Zodiac sign is Scorpio. 

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