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Socratis Otto is a very famous personality in the Hollywood entertainment industry. He has the limelight, and his fans are always curious about his life. His fans these days have a question, “Is Socratis Otto Gay?” and are really digging out this topic. Many fans consider him gay, looking at his facial structure and body language. Also, he had a role of a transgender person in the series Wentworth.

This Australian actor is famous for working in movies and TV Series like Born to spy, The flood, Operation Buffalo, A good family, etc. He currently has the limelight for his upcoming short drama Pearly Gates. With all his works, he has gained a lot of fans and media attention. Continue reading the article to learn more about Socratis Otto and his sexuality.

Who Is Socratis Otto Wife? How is his marriage life going on with partner?

Socratis Otto Gay
Socratis Otto, an Australian actor

Is Socratis Otto gay or straight?

There are many rumors about Socratis Otto being a gay man. All these controversies started surrounding him after he played the role of a trans woman in the TV Series Wentworth. Many questions about his real-life sexuality arose from his performance as Maxine Conway in that series. The series premiered in 2014 and ran until 2017, and despite playing Maxine for many years, he is still considered a gay man. He was later dump from the show.

Socratis Otto Gay
Otto and his girlfriend

The controversies about Otto being a gay man were just rumors. In real life, Otto is not gay and is happy with his girlfriend, Danielle Cormack. Danielle is a New Zealand actor famous for working in movies and TV Series like Deepwater, Handyman, etc. This beautiful couple has been together since 2014 but has not tied the knot yet. They have been together for more than eight years now. Also, in the TV series “Wentworth,” they worked together and gained a lot of attention from audiences.

Why was Otto dumped from Wentworth?

This famous actor had a shocking departure from the show Wentworth. This show was widely praised for being very inclusive toward the LGBTQ+ community and was listed among progressive TV Shows. Sources and Otto confirmed that he was dumped from the show for being transphobic, but this is not true. Otto was actually very happy to play the role of Maxine and support the community. He even mentioned this in an interview.

Socratis Otto Gay
Otto on the set of Wentworth

Otto was actually very proud to play this role and even said this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He also mentioned he felt a little less alone breaking the stereotype through the role. ( And these fake allegations made it very hard for him to face the media during that time. He was also unhappy about leaving the show because he shared the screen with his girlfriend.

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