Paulo Goude is a popular French actor who covers art models. His work resides in different creations. He is known for his acting on his own mom’s mini-biography and french modeling. With a rather controversial past, he is also popular for being a child of the alleged relationship of his former father and his current mother. Currently, he works as a full-time model just like his mother for different french magazines.

He is the son of a rather unusual relationship between a manager and a client. His parents were mere strangers who hooked up after working for some time. Nevertheless, Paulo Goude has confirmed that his parents are not living together anymore. They seemed to have separated ways long before they had something special. Moreover, the name of Paulo’s father is not even mentioned on his mom’s Wikipedia page. Even so, both; his father and he are successful persons. So, Even let’s take a look at his life as a part of his biography!

Do Paulo Goude Have a Daughter? Is He Married? Learn About his Wife

Quick Facts
Full NamePaulo Goude
Date of BirthNov 12, 1979
Net worth100k
Height6 feet and 2 inches
Zodiac SignNot Avilable
SiblingsThree step siblings
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorDark Brown
Paulo Goude
Paulo Goude with his mom and Mariah Carey
Image Source: SounDarts

What is the age of Paulo Goude?

As of 2022, his age is around 43 years. Paulo Goude was born on Nov 12, 1979, in France. Even though his birthplace is not confirmed. The details about his father being Jean-Paul Goude and his mother being Grace Jones are confirmed. Certainly, after being his 3rd father’s son, Jean, he has three stepbrothers and sisters combined. The names of which are not revealed to the media.

Is Atila Ataunbay the father of Paulo Goude?

Atila Ataunbay is the stepfather of Paulo Goude. As we discussed, Paulo Goude was the son of the alleged affair of his mother with is co-manager Jean-Paul. He even carries the same name as his father, Goude. But after the reveal, her mother didn’t want to continue her relationship with his father. Therefore, the relationship was ended before it started, and she ended up marrying Atila Ataunbay later in 1996.

Is Grace Jones’s son Paulo Goude Alive?

As of Feb 19, 2022, Grace and her son Paulo are alive. They both seem to be living separately for a while now. However, they were spotted numerous times and have even participated in different interviews.

Did his parents homeschool Him?

After the media found out about Paulo Goude, the whole family of both sides was shocked. So, his father and others tried their best to keep Paulo away from the media. Maybe due to the same reasons, the details about his education are not available. As it looks, it seems as if he may have completed his primary studies in France. And later did some acting or modeling classes for his fashion career.

Did Paulo become popular after being the only stepchild of Grace Jones?

Even though Grace Jones has revealed that Paulo was born due to her affair. She still treats him like her own blood child. On the other hand, Paulo did receive some part of her mother’s limelight. Moreover, his father Jean was also a popular creative artist.

Being both parents in the side of the fashion industry. This gave him the chance to enter the industry with ease. At the age of 24, he was already modeling for different magazines. He is still not as popular as his mother. But he sure makes a name out of himself.

Paulo Goude
Paulo Goude in his model Photoshoot

Does Paulo Goude Have a Daughter With His Wife?

As of 2022, he is not even married. So, there is no question that he doesn’t have a daughter. He seems to be more of a private person and likes to keep his life secret. Even though different media outlets claimed that he was in a relationship with an actor or a model, he has denied all the claims of him being in a relationship. Moreover, his sexuality is also one of the reasons he is not open about his love life.

Is Paulo Goude Gay?

Paulo Goude seems to appear gay in front of the public. Even though he has not rightfully claimed this information himself. The judging power of media is not allowing to reveal anything about him openly. Presently, he is not married and doesn’t have a daughter. However, we hope that he opens up about himself with the media in the future.

Is He Active On Instagram?

He uses Instagram with username @nappymogul. He has around 2.3k followers, and he often posts about his lifestyle and the things he loves. You can follow him know more about his fashion career.

What is Paulo Goude Net Worth?

His net worth is around 100k. With the help of his parents, he entered the fashion industry with less confidence and more pressure. However, as time passed, he accepted his fate and worked hard. His work allowed him to work in different magazines and even act in his own mom’s biography. He worked very hard from age 24 to 40. From Seventeen to Vogue, you can see his pictures everywhere.

Paulo Goude
Paulo Goude With his dad and mom Via Celebgraphy

However, after 40, he seems to have loosened up his career. He is not that active in both the modeling and film industries. However, his work is now kept as a masterpiece or a reference for generations. Moreover, now he works as a consultant and trainer in fashion schools.

What is the height of Paulo?

He has a height of around 6 feet and 2 inches, and His height is perfect for modeling with a weight of 60kgs. Moreover, his hair color is black, and his eyes are dark brown. However, the details about his zodiac sign in not available.

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