Paulo Goude has made his name as a perfectionist in his profession. He is a professional model and singer famous after his performances in Grace Jones: Blood & Bami, Tout le Monde en parle and Gala de l’union. Today’s hot topic will discuss Do Paulo Goude Have a Daughter and His Married life as of 2022.

Furthermore, Paulo Goude is the son of Jamaican Model Grace Jones, born on the 12th of November, 1979. He is 42 years old Jamaican who shares a healthy brotherly bond with his siblings- Lorelei Goude and Theo Goude. Goude’s model, Grace Jones, is a well-known Jamaican model, singer and actress.

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Paulo Goude Daughter
Jamaican Singer and Model Paulo Goude

Meanwhile, his father, Jean Pual Goude, is a French graphic designer, Illustrator and advertising film director. Growing up in New York City, the celebrity child learned and followed in the same footstep as his mother. As a result, Paulo Goude received his stardom and global recognition as one of the aspiring young models of 2022.

Who is Paulo Married To?

Fans and well wishes have a strong confusion regarding Paulo’s sexuality. Some even mentioned him as gay because of his activities and clean, shaved appearance. But the rumors burned down to ashes when the relationship history of Goude was revealed to the public.

Paulo Goude Daughter
Paulo Goude with his Fiancee Azella Amigues Via.

It is undeniably true that Paulo has not married yet. But, he is in a deep-serious dating relationship with his bandmate Azella Amigues. The spark of love lit in-between their hearts when they were newbies in the musical band “Trybez.” Initially, the duo became close friends and then dating partners. As of 2022, Goude and Amigues are in a relationship of husband and wife.

According to media outlets, Paulo Goude and his fiancee Azella Amigues first made public appearances on the 3rd of March 2012. Fans spotted them at the Paris Fashion Womenswear Fall runway contest in Paris. The love birds are yet to be married but have completed more than eight years together. 

Is Goude daughter a gifted child?

A love that never fades away even after many face hurricanes and tornadoes is a heaven-made blessing of the almighty. Paulo and Azella have been together for many years. The bandmates have faced many ups and downs in their relationship but never let their feelings erase from their partner’s life.

Paulo Goude Daughter
Paulo Goude with his mother Grace Jones (Right), Wife and Daughter Via.

Paulo Goude, with his soulmate Azella Amigues welcomed a beautiful daughter Athena Goude. In an interview, grandma Grace Jones stated that her granddaughter is a gifted one. Athena plays classical piano without looking at the keys and dances so well. Jones believes that her son’s daughter would follow in the same footstep as her parents and grandparents.

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